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Tezos Unleashes Mumbai Upgrade: Lightning-Fast 15-Second Block Times, Game-Changing Smart Rollups, and Mind-Blowing 1 Million TPS Capacity

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    • The Tezos Mumbai upgrade, created by seven teams from four countries, has been activated, bringing smart rollups, 15-second block times, and the ability to reach 1 million transactions per second (TPS) to the Tezos blockchain.
    • The upgrade transition went smoothly, with minor block delays for about 5 minutes before the network started baking blocks at a newly configured interval of 15 seconds per block.

Mumbai Upgrade Brings Significant Upgrades to Tezos

Tezos recently activated the Mumbai upgrade, the 13th Tezos protocol improvement proposal introduced by seven individual Tezos teams from four different countries. The proposal was successfully activated on March 29, 2023, at block number 3,268,609, and brought several significant upgrades to the Tezos blockchain. The upgrade transition went smoothly, and block times were halved to 15 seconds from 30 seconds, which was enabled through pipelining.

Smart Rollups Launch on Mainnet

One eagerly awaited aspect of the Mumbai upgrade is the launch of smart rollups on the mainnet. Rollups serve as a layer 2 permissionless scaling mechanism for the Tezos blockchain, allowing individuals to create and manage multiple rollups to boost the Tezos blockchain’s processing capacity. The glue behind the smart rollups system is a process called Refutation Games, which help to provide the Tezos ecosystem with an ‘open fraud-proof’ system.

Smart contract rollups on Tezos are not owned by anyone; rather, the network itself owns the rollup. This approach is more decentralized, removing centralized external teams and businesses from the equation.

Zk-rollup Solution on Testnet

The Mumbai upgrade has launched a zk-rollup solution, referred to as ‘validity rollups’ on Tezos, called ePoxy, which further enhances the scope of what’s possible with blockchain technology. These new potential rollups allow for instant finality due to SNARK’s proof-of-validity, as opposed to the “refutation game” used by optimistic rollups. Epoxy allows for applications to be built on Tezos, which do not necessarily rely on Tezos’ Layer 1 to publish and distribute data.

Instead, they can implement their data availability layers, enabling the building of privacy-preserving solutions that keep sensitive information private from the public Layer 1.

Tezos is now capable of reaching 1 million transactions per second (TPS), and tickets can now be exchanged between user accounts directly. Anyone can register a rollup into the L1 by posting a 10,000 tez bond and attaching a kernel. The smart rollups will be compatible with future Tezos protocol scaling upgrades due to being forward-compatible with the Data-Availability Layer (DAL), a data sharding feature that is in the works for improving scalability.

Top Smart Rollup Twitter Threads To Read

Several Twitter threads are worth reading on the activation of ‘Mumbai’, specifically in relation to smart rollups. Nicolas Ochem’s thread on Refutation Games, Justin Bons’ thread, and Polynya’s thread are among the top threads to check out.

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