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Terra Classic Records 260% Surge in a Month; Meme Moguls (MGLS) Projected to Increase Tenfold, KAVA Poised for a Rally

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Terra Classic experienced a significant surge in trading activity throughout Q4 of 2023. This activity resulted in a bullish sentiment around Terra Classic, with some experts suggesting its value could surge in February. Meanwhile, Kava is expected to increase following a recent update, while Meme Moguls could surge tenfold as its highly anticipated launch date closes in. 

Is Terra Classic On The Verge Of A Breakout?

Terra Classic faced a significant price decline in January. Its value is down by 35%, and the project is now approaching a former sell-off area. In October 2023, this level acted as a strong support, and therefore, experts believe that Terra Classic could push for a sharp rebound. 

According to the Fibonacci levels, Terra Classic has overcorrected in the last month, causing analysts to take a more bullish stance. Given that Terra Classic is now reaching its former sell-off levels, most believe that a recovery is inevitable. 

In addition to its low price, Terra Classic is also experiencing a surge in its burn rate. Since May 2022, 95 billion LUNC tokens have been burned, with Binance burning 49.1 billion tokens alone. This increase in burn rates is expected to drive up the value of remaining Terra Classic tokens, further supporting the prediction that LUNC will recover in February. 

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KAVA Launches Project Lever

During a recent X space, Kava announced Project Lever. This DeFi staking solution is the first to be implemented on the Kava Chain. It’s designed to offer leveraged staking, volatility hedging, and several other new vault strategies. 

The update brings several benefits to Kava users. For example, Kava holders will be able to deposit their holdings into permission “Smart Wallets” with different strategies to determine how funds are allocated. Over time, this will maximize Kava’s yield, making Kava a more appealing investment. 

Since this announcement, Kava’s price has increased by 2%, and Kava is trading at $0.7084. 

Meme Moguls Prepares For Its Game Preview

Over the next week, the Meme Moguls development team will give investors an exclusive sneak peek at the fantastic features and gameplay they’ve been crafting. This preview is expected to take the Meme Moguls presale to new highs as investors get a taste of what’s to come.

The Meme Moguls game is designed to teach players how to invest in a fun, unique, and innovative meme-based ecosystem. The ecosystem will offer several unique investing games in addition to a virtual stock market. Players will each receive $100,000 in virtual currency to build a portfolio in this market and will earn rewards based on their portfolio’s performance. 

Players will be able to fully customize their own avatars with memes, network with other players, and join free and paid tournaments to win prizes. They will also be ranked in an in-game leaderboard, with the top 20 ranked players earning a share of a monthly prize pool. 

The Meme Moguls presale has been a big hit throughout the DeFi community. It’s already raised almost $2 million and will come to an end on February 28th. The Meme Moguls governance token is currently selling for $0.0036 per token and will increase to $0.0042 once stage 5 of the presale is sold out. 

With time running out, investors need to take action if they want to capitalize on one of DeFi’s most exciting new P2E projects. 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

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