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Stellar Partners with AnChain.AI to Revolutionize Future Payments and Conquer Billion-Dollar Market

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    • AnChain.AI has integrated with Stellar to provide enhanced security and compliance solutions for developers on the blockchain network.
    • The integration allows Stellar developers to leverage AnChain.AI’s AI-powered risk management and security solutions to prioritize security from the early stages of building.

AnChain.AI and Stellar partnership for enhanced security

AnChain.AI, a prominent Web3 digital asset security and risk monitoring firm, has announced its integration with Stellar, a decentralized open-source blockchain network focused on cross-border payments and asset issuance. This collaboration aims to empower the developer community on Stellar by offering advanced security solutions from AnChain.AI.

Prioritizing security and compliance on Stellar

With the increasing prominence of digital assets and cross-border payments, the need for robust fraud prevention solutions has become crucial. AnChain.AI’s CISO Investigation platform, powered by AI technology and OpenBEI (Open Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence), provides an additional layer of trust to institutions and developers building on Stellar. This integration allows developers to prioritize security and customer safety right from the initial stages of their projects.

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Dr. Victor Fang, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI, emphasizes the importance of security in the expanding Web3 ecosystem. He highlights AnChain.AI’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge security and risk monitoring solutions that enable Web3 platforms to operate with confidence. The integration with Stellar signifies a joint effort to establish a more secure and sustainable future for Web3 applications.

AnChain.AI’s AI-powered technology offers digital asset risk assessment and early detection of suspicious activities. Their solutions are trusted by leading government agencies, financial institutions, and enterprises worldwide, including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By integrating with Stellar, AnChain.AI aims to contribute to a more secure blockchain ecosystem and foster confidence among all participants in the Stellar community.

Mark Heynen, Vice President of Partnerships at Stellar Development Foundation, expresses excitement about the integration with AnChain.AI, emphasizing the value it brings to the thriving community of Stellar projects. This partnership equips developers and enterprises with essential tools to prioritize security and compliance throughout their endeavors. The collaboration sets a solid foundation for innovation in secure cross-border payment and asset issuance solutions within the Stellar ecosystem.

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The integration between AnChain.AI and Stellar serves as a significant step in raising awareness of the risks associated with the rapidly evolving Web3 technology. It also addresses the growing regulatory scrutiny within the digital asset space. By establishing a shared commitment to sustainable and secure development, this partnership lays the groundwork for the next generation of Web3 innovation on the Stellar network.

Organizations and individuals on Stellar seeking to enhance their security and compliance posture can benefit from leveraging AnChain.AI’s Web3 and digital asset security solutions. The partnership invites enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, users, and developers to join the growing number of trusted entities relying on AnChain.AI for their security needs.

About AnChain.AI:

AnChain.AI is an award-winning AI-powered cybersecurity company headquartered in San Francisco. Founded in 2018 by cybersecurity and enterprise cloud experts, AnChain.AI specializes in enhancing Web3 security, risk management, and compliance strategies. With support from prominent Silicon Valley and Wall Street venture capital firms, as well as recognition from the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, AnChain.AI has earned the trust of over 100 customers across 10 countries.

Their Web3 Security Suite safeguards more than $50 billion in Web3 crypto assets. AnChain.AI has been named a finalist in the RSA Innovation Sandbox 2023 and received the CNBC Top Startups Award in 2022.

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