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Spot Ethereum ETFs Approval To Drive ETH Price Surge: Analyst Sets $12,000 Target, Here’s When

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The approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs by the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 10, 2024, proved to be a turning point in the crypto industry. Then, Spot Ethereum ETFs were approved by the SEC, leading many analysts to speculate a surge for the ETH price and another Ethereum-based token ETFswap (ETFS). This article highlights the reason behind the analysts’ optimism. 

ETFSwap Makes History With Game-Changing Strategy On ETFs

ETFswap (ETFS) is a premier crypto ETF trading platform that introduces a unique method of trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs) through the tokenization of assets. The tokenized ETFs will directly represent traditional ETFs on the blockchain, enabling traders to easily invest in various ETFs across various industries, such as Spot Ethereum ETFs, from a single interface. ETFswap (ETFS) will make this possible through a user-friendly web3 marketplace with 24/7 liquid and real-time on-chain data on all the assets. 

Further, as a DeFi platform, ETFswap (ETFS) will operate on the “No KYC” policy, allowing new users to open an account and access its features without needing to disclose personal information that can be manipulated online. This also aligns with its privacy policy of leveraging Zero Knowledge Proofs, a DeFi protocol that ensures anonymity in executing transactions. 

Something unique about tokenized ETFs compared to their traditional counterparts is that they can be easily changed to other crypto assets and even fiats. Furthermore, ETFS, the platform’s native token, will be instrumental in this regard, aiding a smooth and seamless conversion. 

The token, however, has other functions, including utility and governance, enabling holders to gain voting rights in making decisions affecting the network growth, playing a large role in its recent demand. 

ETH Price To Surge To $12,000 Post Spot Ethereum ETFs Approval 

Spot Ethereum ETFs being approved by the United States Security and Exchange Commission on May 23, 2024, sent a wave of excitement into the crypto community, especially among Ethereum (ETH) enthusiasts. Though it has been approved for trading in the United States, it could take some time before the official launch. 

Nevertheless, experts are confident that the financial product could significantly boost the ETH price as it will open up the token to fresh investment from institutional investors. One such expert is popular crypto analyst John Doe, who speculates the ETH price could surge to $12,000 or even higher a year after the Spot Ethereum ETFs product launch. 

While that would mean the ETH price will have to increase by over 3x its current value, it is not wishful thinking because Ethereum (ETH) has begun to gain the interest of institutional investors who are exploring ways to integrate the token into their portfolios. 

Also, earlier in April 2024, Hong Kong regulators approved the trading of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and Spot Ethereum ETFs in their region. Moreover, since the approval, the ETH price has been flirting with the $4,000 mark and is currently trading at $3,893, according to data from Coinmarketcap

ETFSwap Presale And Conclusion

Both the ETH price and the ETFS token price are expected to surge ahead of Spot Ethereum ETFs being traded on exchanges. ETFS, the native token of ETFSwap, operates on the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum (ETH) network, and currently, the platform is offering it for $0.00854 per coin in stage 1. 

Since ETFS will serve as the key to unlocking all features on the network, the platform offering it at this low price in stage 1 will make it easy for both large and small portfolio investors to benefit from the token as its demand rises.

Just as the analyst was confident that the ETH price would surge to the $12,000 mark due to adoption by institutional investors, he is also optimistic about ETFswap (ETFS) surging by 20,000% to the $3 mark. So now would be an excellent time for any savvy investor to hop on this wagon before stage 2 begins. 

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