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Smart Money’s Success: $2.17M from PEPE in a Single Trade

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  • A trader in PEPE cryptocurrency makes $2.17 million with 867% ROI.
  • Extra $663K profit with a secondary PEPE investment ROI of 2,651%.

A smart investor made a big profit recently by trading PEPE and JOE coins intelligently, according to Lookonchain data. Here’s a closer look at how this astute investor maneuvered through the cryptocurrency market to earn huge profits.

Surprising PEPE Profits

Since PEPE was where most of the gains were realized, that was where the investor focused most of his attention. Not less than amazing are the exchanges.

On December 6–7, 2023, the investor paid $250,000 at first to purchase 160.62 billion PEPE. They made $2.17 million in profit and an 867% return on investment (ROI) yesterday when they sold all of the PEPE for 644 ETH.

This transaction by itself demonstrates the enormous profits that are possible in the cryptocurrency market. By timing their sale, the investor made an 867% return on investment.

On December 6, 2023, an investor made a secondary PEPE investment of $25,000 to purchase 139,822 PEPE. Yesterday they sold 25,000 PEPE for 30.27 ETH, or $113,000, leaving 114,822 PEPE worth $574,000. With a $663,000 profit on the deal, the ROI was an astounding 2651%.

This less substantial, but no less remarkable, investment demonstrates the great potential and volatility of the PEPE market. Keeping a sizable amount of the asset has put the investor in a good position to benefit from future increases.

Results with JOE Investments

Apart from PEPE, the investor also exploited JOE coins strategically. November 13, 2023, until December 4, 2023, saw the investor spend $63,400 to purchase 7.15 million JOE.

With this position valued at $174,000 right now, there is a $110,000 profit and a 171% ROI. The ROI of 171% from the JOE investment, while not as high as the PEPE gains, is nevertheless evidence of the investor’s astute timing and market knowledge.

Market Background and Analysis

At the time of writing, PEPE was valued at about $0.00001677, up 13.15% over the previous 24 hours and 79.36% for the previous seven days, according to CoinMarketCap.

The market value of PEPE is rising, which emphasises how timely the investor made his trades. On the other hand, as previously reported by ETHNews, an investor has turned a $3,000 PEPE investment into $46 million, a whopping 15,718x return.

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