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SEC Argued Against Coinbase’s Appeal; Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Prospects Look Promising Ahead Of Launch

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  • The SEC opposes Coinbase’s appeal to review crypto securities regulations, questioning alignment with the Howey Test. 
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) advocates for DeFi adoption, offering intriguing returns ahead of its Uniswap launch.

In recent days, two contrasting narratives have been buzzing the crypto space: the regulatory battle between Coinbase and the SEC, and the meteoric rise of Milei Moneda ($MEDA) in the presale market. Recent developments for these projects have generated both tension and excitement among crypto enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the details of these events! 

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Crypto News Headline: The SEC Opposes Coinbase’s Bid for Appeal on Crypto Securities Regulation

In its ongoing legal battle with Coinbase, the SEC has opposed Coinbase’s appeal to review the application of conventional securities rules to cryptocurrencies.

With this appeal, Coinbase seeks clarification from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on whether the Howey Test, a traditional Supreme Court assessment for securities, should be applied to digital assets.

In its argument against the appeal, the SEC contends that Coinbase has failed to provide a compelling argument for this review, stating that the exchange aims to create a “new legal test” for crypto’s integration into existing securities regulations; a stance previously rejected by a district court judge. 

Furthermore, the SEC argues that Coinbase’s stated emphasis on contractual obligations may not fully align with the core argument it is presenting about the Howey Test and crypto transactions.

Judge Katherine Polk Failla, presiding over the case, will decide whether to approve Coinbase’s request for an interlocutory appeal. The appeal will advance to the appellate court for further review and consideration if granted.

Countdown to Launch: $MEDA’s Upcoming Launch Spells Opportunity for Investors

As Coinbase grapples with SEC scrutiny, the presale market witnesses the rise of a potential crypto standout. Milei Moneda, positioned as one of the top ICOs, is gaining traction for its unique attributes as a new memecoin. 

Drawing inspiration from Argentina’s current president, Javier Milei, Milei Moneda aims to advocate for DeFi adoption and economic freedom. Notably, 15% of the tokens’ supply is allocated to marketing efforts and rewarding its expansive DAO community.

These alluring features are significantly boosting $MEDA’s chances of securing a coveted spot among the top 10 altcoins

Since its presale debut in March, Milei Moneda has successfully completed two stages of the presale, selling over 68 million $MEDA tokens. Now in Stage 3, the altcoin price is at $0.015, a 50% increase from its initial selling price of $0.010. 

Furthermore, with the coin set to launch on Uniswap on May 21, 2024, new presale investors stand to gain a potential 33% ROI when $MEDA hits its launch price of $0.020. Moreover, this reflects a total 100% price increase for $MEDA over its presale phase, solidifying its position amongst top DeFi coins

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