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Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s Early Ethereum Investment and Its Surprising ROI

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  • Schwartz sold his Ethereum holdings after a 222.58% gain, totaling $40,000 at the time.
  • Had he held the ETH longer, he could have turned $12,400 into $4 million within a year.

David Schwartz, recently shared a detailed account of how he managed to buy 40,000 Ethereum tokens during its initial coin offering (ICO). Schwartz’s involvement in the Ethereum ICO came to light following a question posed by a community member on the social media platform X, curious about his early interactions with Ethereum prior to its public pre-ICO phase.

Schwartz revealed that his decision to invest was not solely based on business calculations but was also influenced by personal connections, notably Vitalik Buterin. He described how Buterin, a friend, had invited him to participate in the ICO, which led him to send 20 BTC as a sign of support without delving deeply into the specifics or potential of Ethereum at that time. In return for his 20 BTC, Schwartz received 40,000 ETH, aligning with the initial offering rate where early investors obtained 2,000 ETH per 1 BTC, equivalent to approximately $0.31 per ETH.

The Ethereum ICO, which took place over 42 days between July and September 2014, allowed investors to acquire Ethereum at progressively changing rates. By the end of the ICO, the rate had adjusted so that 1 BTC could buy 1,337 ETH. This fundraising event was first announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami earlier in 2014 and was considered a novel approach at the time.

Despite the successful investment, Schwartz recounted his decision to sell the 40,000 ETH when their value increased to a total of $40,000, yielding a 222.58% return on his initial investment after holding them for two years. However, he reflected on the missed opportunity for a much larger gain.

If Schwartz had retained his Ethereum tokens for another year, he would have witnessed a potential increase in their value by 32,158%, turning his initial $12,400 investment into approximately $4,000,000.

This story highlights not only the volatile nature of cryptocurrency investments but also the significant impact personal connections and timing can have on such opportunities. It underscores the sometimes serendipitous nature of the tech industry, where personal networks can lead to opportunities that have wide-ranging financial implications.

Additionally, it illustrates the importance of patience and timing in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market, where the decisions to buy or sell can lead to vastly different financial outcomes.

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Isai Alexei
Isai Alexei
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