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Ripple Advances XRP Ledger: Major Update Integrates W3C Decentralized Identifiers with XLS-40 Amendment

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  • RippleX announces “AddthefixEmptyDID” amendment to resolve a minor issue in the XLS-40 specification, ensuring the integrity of DID objects in the XRPL software update.
  • Expectation builds for the launch of XRP Ledger AMM on March 22, following the successful consensus of the amendment, amid recent XRP price adjustments.

RippleX, the technology arm of Ripple Labs, has recently revealed details about an update to the XLS-40 amendment. This proposed change aims to incorporate native support for W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) swithin the XRP Ledger. The initiative represents a strategic move towards refining Ripple’s blockchain foundation.

A minor issue was detected in the XLS-40 decentralized identity specification, which could lead to the creation of empty DID objects. To address this, a workaround, now under review, has been suggested and is about to be launched as the “AddthefixEmptyDID” amendment .

This particular fix is designed to prevent empty DIDs from occurring, essentially ensuring the integrity of DID objects within the system. The introduction of this fix is expected in the next major software update for XRPL, labeled rippled version 2.2.0.

Discussions on XLS-40 functionality began in March 2023

In January 2024, this modification, focused on decentralized identity, was integrated into the rippled 2.0 release. RippleX has indicated that its validator will not approve the DID until the amendment with the proposed fix is officially available.

This cautious approach is due to a desire to ensure that the solution is fully operational, regardless of the perceived minor nature of the flaw. The technology underlying Decentralized Identity (DID) offers users a self-managed approach to their online identities.

With the implementation of XLS-40 DID, theW3C standard will be deployed to facilitate averifiable, self-contained digital identity that is adaptable across multiple distributed ledgers or networks. This effort aims to create a unified and interoperable framework for digital identities in the XRP ledger.

This slight delay has not dampened the blockchain community’s anticipation for the XLS-40 ,which promises to introduce digital identity into the XRP ledger. In addition, there is great anticipation around the activation of the XRP LedgerAMM, which is expected to be operational on March 22, having once again secured the necessary consensus.

The introduction ofnew functionality on theXRPLMainnet requires that XLS specifications, especially those involving modifications to the core of the protocol, undergo a rigorous amendment process. This involves a vote by the validator community, where a feature must receive at least 80% approval, a consensus that must be maintained for fifteen days.


Currently, XRP’s price trajectory has tightened to the downside, touching $0.61 on Friday from a high of $0.7440 earlier in the week. This decline follows a general retracement trend across all cryptocurrency platforms, with XRP traders keeping an eye on an important upcoming date.

Attention turns to March 22, a critical juncture in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, when the regulator is expected to file its opening brief regarding remedies.

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