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Rebel Satoshi’s New Token ($RECQ) Maintains Huge Bullish Wave on Presale While Celestia and Polygon Prices Consolidate

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  • Celestia plunged 28% in a week, but experts believe a resurgence is coming soon.
  • Polygon sheds 20% in a week, but experts expect bulls to take over by month’s end.
  • Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ steals the limelight after jumping 85% during its ongoing presale.

Top altcoins like Celestia (TIA) and Polygon (MATIC) have performed poorly over the past week as the broader crypto market consolidates recent gains. On the other hand, Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ token has emerged as a favorite among investors after maintaining a bullish streak during its public presale.

Why are Celestia and Polygon investors migrating to $RECQ? Let’s find out!

Celestia Dumps 28% in a Week: What’s Coming Next?

Celestia has performed deplorably over the past seven days. On April 6, TIA was changing hands at around $12.01. After holding this level for two days, TIA experienced a slight bump on April 8 after Celestial launched the Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon. Specifically, TIA jumped as high as $12.82 on April 8.

However, the excitement about this hackathon hit a brick wall, and TIA began correcting downward. By April 13, TIA had stabilized at around $8.64. This price means TIA has shed 28.06% in a week. This abysmal performance has left potential investors asking if TIA is a good crypto to buy now.

Per analysts, TIA will experience a resurgence and climb to $9.94 by the end of April. Experts base this prediction on TIA gaining momentum as more developers join the Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon, which has a $100,000 prize pool. 

Polygon Dumps 20% in a Week: Will Bears Persist?

Polygon has performed abysmally over the past seven days. On April 6, MATIC was hovering around $0.8956. MATIC started climbing ahead of Bridged EURC (EURC.e) launching on Polygon zkEVM on April 9. Specifically, MATIC climbed as high as $0.9467 on April 9.

After holding this level for days, MATIC began correcting downward as the excitement about Bridged EURC coming to Polygon zkEVM faded. By April 13, MATIC had stabilized at around $0.7129. This price means MATIC has wiped off 20.40% in a week. So, will MATIC continue plunging?

According to experts, MATIC will regain momentum and climb to $1.0100. This forecast makes MATIC a top crypto to buy now. Experts base this prediction on Polygon getting more adoption after Polygon announced that the GameOn 2.0 hackathon, which promises $30,000 in rewards, would start on April 15.


Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ Leaves Investors Buzzing After Jumping 85%!

Rebel Satoshi, an emerging meme coin project that seeks to combat centralization in the crypto space, has gained investor confidence after showcasing immense growth potential. To be precise, Rebel Satoshi secured more than $2.5 million in less than four months. This budding project achieved this feat during the public presale of its $RBLZ token.

Notably, $RBLZ generated a 150% ROI during its presale, which ran from November 5, 2023, to February 29. After concluding its presale, $RBLZ launched on Coinstore, CoinGecko, Uniswap, and DEXTools exchanges. This rapid growth drew more investors to Rebel Satoshi’s second token, $RECQ.

$RECQ is Rebel Satoshi’s base currency, meaning it underpins all transactions and interactions. As of April, $RECQ had started Stage 1 of its ongoing public presale. During this round, $RECQ’s price was $0.0037. This price represents an 85% surge from $RECQ’s Early Bird Round price of $0.0020.

Once $RECQ attains its listing price of $0.0125, Early Bird Round investors will enjoy a 525% ROI. Meanwhile, Stage 1 investors will realize a 237.84% ROI. This growth potential makes $RECQ the best crypto to invest in today!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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