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RCO Finance (RCOF) Crypto AI Robo Advisor Makes Big Forecast For FLOKI, SHIB, And BONK Traders

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June has kicked off with some excitement in the crypto market. Activities and new innovations are on the rise, and as always, investors are on the lookout for profit potential. Top crypto coins like FLOKI, Shiba Inu (SHIB), and BONK are hot in the crypto news and generating interest from investors.

However, it’s the new crypto AI robo advisor, RCO Finance (RCOF), with the best profit prospects. Read on to learn why!

RCO Finance Brings AI to DeFi: Your AI Advisor on Crypto Trading

RCO Finance is one of those projects that could define a period in the crypto market, not just on the price charts but with its novel adoption of AI and incredible user experience, which could redefine trading in the DeFi industry.

The project’s price trajectory could potentially be one for the history books. Per RCO Finance’s tokenomics, 50% of RCOF’s supply has been set aside for open presale.

What’s more interesting is that after the time frame set for the presale stages lapses, all the unsold tokens will be burned. This means the value of RCOF will spike as there would be scarcity and high demand for the token.

Additionally, RCO Finance does not require KYC. The project places a high focus on privacy, unlike many DeFi platforms that ask for users’ details and risk compromising sensitive information. RCOF finance stays true to Defi’s core ideals of privacy.

Furthermore, RCO Finance offers community benefits to its users. RCOF users will have access to airdrops and governance privileges that bring users on board with the project’s decision-making process.

FLOKI sets new ATH to light up the market

When it’s time for price rallies, meme coins are never behind, and FLOKI is flying the meme coin flag high. The meme coin is one of the newest top gainers in the crypto market.

Many experts have pinned FLOKI’s price performance to last month’s announcement of a new token burn mechanism on the FLOKI project. The token burn is projected to burn about 15 billion FLOKI coins. Also, the dog-themed meme coin has enjoyed a number of listings on several exchanges, expanding its reach.

Notably, FLOKI set a new ATH at $0.0003449 a few days ago. The meme coin also recorded a 14% upsurge in the weekly trends to assert its bullish momentum. While FLOKI is having the best time in the crypto market now, many analysts fear that a correction may be imminent.

Analysts Remain Skeptical about SHIB Despite Whale Activities

SHIB is one of the crypto coins that is attracting growing interest in the crypto market. Recently, SHIB has recorded significant whale accumulations, and the traffic could only mean improvements.

Like RCO Finance and FLOKI, Shiba Inu has a token burn mechanism regulating supply and price movements. Despite optimism from SHIB whale activities, technical analysis shows that the meme coin’s RSI is still only neutral.

SHIB’s price has dropped to $0.0000256 in the last 24 hours, amounting to a 1.97% loss. Nobody knows what direction SHIB is heading, and we can only wait to see.

BONK Rises on the Price Charts, But Could It Sustain Its Rally? 

BONK is shining bright in the market. The Solana memecoin’s growth over the past year has made it a favorite amongst investors, and BONK has relatively lived up to the hype.

Recently, Coinbase opened the doors of perpetual futures trading to BONK. The development added some excitement to the BONK camp, and with more traders exploring BONK Futures, some analysts have high hopes for a BONK rally.

Meanwhile, per data from CoinMarketCap, BONK is currently trading at $0.00003324, an intraday loss of 3.13%. Its 24-hour trading volume has also dipped by 51.62%, and investors might want to tread carefully.

Join the RCOF Presale to Secure Over 3,000% Returns!

As uncertainties hang around FLOKI, SHIB, and BONK, RCOF’s presale profits and future price trajectory become even more enticing–and it’s worth it. The RCO Finance project is breaking new ground in the DeFi industry with its Crypto AI innovation, and observers are in awe of the perks the project is coming with.

RCOF is in Stage 1 of its presale. The coin is still valued at $0.01275, and the price has been set to go up to $0.03437 in Stage 2.

Also, with the token burn mechanism coming in full force after the presale ends, analysts believe the project could experience a 3,000% post-launch pump where a $100 investment from Stage 1 would have grown to $3,000.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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