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Next-Generation Memecoin Project Borpa Set to Launch Omnichain Financial Game

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Dubai, UAE, June 26th, 2024, Chainwire

Next-generation memecoin project Borpa has announced the launch of its omnichain financial game, making it the first memecoin to distribute liquidity mining incentives across both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM networks.

Scheduled for June 27 at 2pm UTC, the historic launch introduces a unique financial model powered by robust economic mechanics designed to increase token value via active community participation. Notably, Borpa has raised $65M in the Overflow round, underscoring strong investor confidence.

Unlike traditional memecoins that depend solely on speculation and hype, Borpa’s innovation employs a dual-themed branding strategy which combines the playful allure of memecoins with robust DEX AMM functionality.

“Borpa represents nothing less than the evolution of memecoins from fun and, let’s be honest, purely speculative assets into something different, something altogether more valuable,” said Borpa Founder and crypto veteran Psychonaut4975. 

“By incentivizing liquidity across multiple chains with our game, we are taking the road less traveled and pioneering a completely new approach – one that paves the path to a more sustainable and value-driven memecoin ecosystem.”

Incubated by Entangle Labs and built on its cutting-edge omnichain infrastructure, Borpa’s token distribution design is another aspect that sets it apart from typical memecoins, whose stealth launches centralize most of the token supply to founders and insiders. In contrast, 80% of Borpa’s total supply is allocated to the community, including the aforementioned financial game’s high APR farms.

This fair distribution mechanism, where rewards are proportional to the skin users have in the game, enables Borpa to allocate tokens on a meritocratic basis while generating widespread visibility as the first memecoin available across Ethereum, Solana, and other leading chains.

“The memecoin asset class is maturing rapidly, and Borpa represents its maturation – a project and token that are fun and engaging while still delivering real economic opportunities,” said Faisal Mehrban, Founder and CEO of Entangle Labs.

 “Borpa’s compelling blend of strong tokenomics, game theory, and viral marketing, backed by our omnichain infrastructure, means it is perfectly poised to capitalize on the booming meme season we are currently witnessing.”

Audited by leading blockchain security firm Halborn, Borpa has already built a vibrant 120,000 strong community within three months of its launch, making it one of crypto’s fastest-growing projects. Its pre-market price on WhalesMarket, meanwhile, achieved ~$0.1, giving it a Fully Diluted Value of ~$100,000,000 FDV. A figure that reflects the wider community’s high expectations.

The product of over 1.5 years of dedicated research and development from a founding team with expertise spanning market psychology and web3 technology, Borpa builds on the foundations laid by successful projects like Dogecoin and Sushiswap and its upcoming game represents the arrival of memecoins’ bold new frontier.

About Borpa 

Borpa is a pioneering memecoin project and financial game ushering in the next generation of meme tokens and paving the way for omnichain participation incentives. Built by a talented team of crypto and market psychology experts and backed by Entangle Labs, Borpa blends playful meme branding with strong tokenomics to create a novel experience poised to ignite meme season.

Visit ​​https://borpatoken.com/


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