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New Update for Cardano Light Wallet Lace, NuggetRush Crosses $3.75 Million in Presale

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  1. The new Lace update brings more features for ADA users to create multiple accounts on a single wallet.
  2. NuggetRush presale round crosses $3.75 million in investment.
  3. It has a unique P2E game that allows you to earn real money using your online gaming skills.

There is some exciting news for Cardano users as the latest update called Lace v1.9 has been rolled out to bring new functionalities on the Cardano blockchain. This has been done to enhance the usability and safety of managing digital assets. Now, the users can create various addresses using just one recovery phrase within a single wallet. Lace is basically a light wallet for the Cardano (ADA) network users.

Another notable happening in the crypto world is the rise of community-driven meme coins like NuggetRush. With its advanced features and people-driven approach, investors have already started putting their money in the presale round. Till now, this top crypto coin has managed to raise $3.75 million from eager investors. It has a unique Play-to-Earn game which is getting popular among the young generation. 

Now let’s find out more details about what effects will Cardano update have on the users and will NuggetRush continue the rising momentum. 

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Cardano Update Brings New Features on the Table

This update also gives permission to manage several wallets, each with their own set of keys and recovery phrases. This will not only improve security measures, but will also help to reduce the multiple accounts on various blockchains. Lace acts as an essential medium for carrying out secure transactions and for the storage of ADA tokens.

Now you can easily set up multiple accounts within a single wallet. This feature makes it easier for users to manage their digital assets under a single recovery phrase. The goal is to simplify how users organize and manage their transactions or staking activities. This makes Cardano one of the best crypto investments for this year. Additionally, the update extends the functionality to include support for multiple wallets, each identified by unique keys and recovery phrases. 

The update to Lace is just one of many steps forward for the Cardano ecosystem. The founders are always on their toes to give a secure blockchain experience to their users. No doubt, it is one of the best crypto exchanges worldwide as it gives importance to security.

NuggetRush Impresses Everyone with P2E Gaming Model

Have you ever thought that playing your favorite online game can also be rewarding? Well, it’s true in this era with the help of P2E gaming models offered by top cryptocurrencies like NuggetRush. It has a unique virtual gold mining game where you have to find the hidden items using the in-game weapons and tools. As you keep on finding more items, you will increase your game level. Finally, you can exchange the in-game rewards with real gold at their marketplace. This way, you can earn money using your gaming skills.

NuggetRush isn’t limited to NFT gaming alone as it also has a dedicated NFT marketplace to buy, sell, or trade the digital items. You are free to create your own avatar in the world of metaverse to have fun with friends. Most importantly, those who stake their NFT collections will get 20% APY on their investment. 

The rising popularity of this best NFT crypto is evident from the money raised during the presale rounds. It has crossed over $3.75 million investment in just a few months owing to its unique features and real-world utilities. So, if you are thinking “what crypto should I buy”, you should consider NuggetRush as the first choice.

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Cardano has launched the new update to give more freedom to their users on how they want to create the accounts. The Lace update has helped to retain the existing users and also onboard new ones who are looking for secure blockchain systems. Meanwhile, NuggetRush has been on a success ride with the ERC20 tokens getting sold out quickly. It is one of the safest crypto investments for 2024 along with ADA.

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