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New Play-2-Earn Game, $Golden Inuverse, Gets A Release Date

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The Golden Inu Ecosystem is about to expand into the world of crypto entertainment.  The rising token brand is launching “$Golden Inuverse,” a GameFi project,  in the 3rd quarter of 2023. A roadmap to release was shared on the official blog  with full detail.

The new P2E GameFi project has a release schedule as follows:

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June 7th  – Launch of Official Landing Page

June 14th – Publishing of A Detailed Game Summary

June 21st – Registration Platform Launch

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July 21st – Game Preview Will Be Shared

August 21st – Beta Version Launch

September 21st – $Golden Inuverse 1.0 Launch

The roadmap to release is brief but informative.    It gives users a timeline from  which to expect important development milestones.  The blog posting also included hints on in-game activities.

$Golden Inuverse Facts & Rumors

One section on the coming P2E game’s digital landscape reads, “If not aware, this will be a Gamefi project that evolves with time.  Various ‘Planets’ will launch within the metaverse per X months. Transportation options will be made available to get you there.”

The public posting also included notes on the Characters users can select — “Characters development options, weapons, AI developed characters, geography structure, and more will also be included in the summary.”

Other rumors circulating about $Golden Inuverse include the number of users that will be allowed onto the metaverse game’s platform for free.   Some community members of subreddit  r/GoldenInutoken have said 111 users will be able to register for free before the game requires a minimal fee to join.

More on the new play-to-earn GameFi project, $Golden Inuverse, as details breach the internet crypto community.The game is expected to operate on Binance-Chain.   This means the bep20 version of the $Golden token will be used for all in-game crypto transactions.   Some analysts expect the game to have astounding returns if the gaming community latches on to the $Golden Inuverse.

New Initial Coin Offering

Beyond the new game, Golden Inu Token is also currently holding a presale for their ERC20  token as well.   It will be listed on public crypto exchange Uniswap in 42 days.

19.78% of the hard cap for the first round of funding has been sold already.

Exactly 3,750,000,000,000,000 $GOLDEN tokens will be available to crypto investors in the initial coin offering.    741,898,625,000,000 Golden Inu [erc20]  tokens have already been sold.

Traders wishing to join in on the presale opportunity must have Ethereum or ERC20 tokens to purchase $Golden early.   Price of the token will rise 25% upon being listed on Uniswap, decentralized crypto exchange.

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