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Litecoin (LTC) Overtakes Bitcoin (BTC): Achieves Over 1 Million Daily Transactions

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  • Litecoin (LTC) recently reached over 1 million transactions in a single day, setting a new all-time high and surpassing Bitcoin’s transaction count for that day.
  • The surge in transactions was accompanied by an increase in daily active addresses, reflecting robust network utilization and suggesting a large, active user base.

Litecoin Outperforms Bitcoin in Daily Transactions

In an unprecedented achievement, Litecoin (LTC) has set a new all-time high in daily transactions, surpassing even Bitcoin. According to on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, Litecoin processed more than 1 million transactions on November 14, nearly double the amount of transactions Bitcoin processed on the same day.

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Record-Breaking Day for Litecoin

This historic day witnessed Litecoin‘s network handle 1.3 million transactions, while Bitcoin managed 430,000. This milestone not only establishes a new record for Litecoin but also signals its growing relevance and usage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Address Activity and Network Utilization

Alongside the surge in transactions, Litecoin also saw a significant increase in daily active addresses. With 797,000 daily active addresses, Litecoin is showcasing strong network utilization, indicative of an extensive and actively engaged user base. This level of activity places Litecoin closely behind Bitcoin, which leads with 960,000 daily active addresses, and ahead of Ethereum’s 405,000.

Ethereum and Other Networks

Despite being ranked third in terms of daily active addresses, Ethereum maintains a prominent position in the crypto world, known for its active user network and diverse applications. This highlights the varying use cases and strengths of different blockchain networks.

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Litecoin’s Ongoing Developments

The recent surge in transactions and active addresses is not the only notable development for Litecoin. The network has seen over 300,000 new Ordinals inscribed in the last week, marking another significant achievement.

Additionally, Bakkt, a prominent trading and custody service provider, has included Litecoin among the six new cryptocurrencies added to their enhanced custody platform. This inclusion further validates Litecoin’s standing in the cryptocurrency market and its growing adoption among users and institutional platforms.


Litecoin’s record-breaking transaction count and high daily active addresses underscore its increasing prominence in the cryptocurrency space. These achievements, coupled with its inclusion in major custody platforms, paint a positive picture of Litecoin’s growth and user engagement. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Litecoin’s recent milestones highlight its potential for further expansion and adoption.

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