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Investors Fearing Further Dump On Ethereum And Stacks Opt For Emerging Gainers Like NuggetRush

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  • Ethereum (ETH) is now undergoing an investigation.
  • Stacks (STX) has fallen sharply in mid-March.
  • NuggetRush’s (NUGX) token sales skyrocketed, reaching 242 million.

Ethereum (ETH) could drop below $3,000 if the market remains in the red zone. Stacks’ (STX) network activity has grown considerably in 2024.

Still, it seems increased investor attention is going to NuggetRush as its mining game sells over 242 million tokens. Investors have earned up to 90% value from its presale as NUGX’s price reached $0.019. Yet, can NUGX outperform other gaming tokens? Keep reading for more.

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Ethereum’s Decline Could Worsen Amid Major Investigation

Despite leading many top altcoins in the bull run of early March, Ethereum (ETH) has fallen sharply. After rising to the $4,000 range, investors expected Ethereum to reach a new all-time high like Bitcoin. 

However, Ethereum’s (ETH) bullish momentum quickly faded as Bitcoin fell below the $65,000 range. As of February 20, ETH traded at $3,013. It jumped by 13.5% to $3,422 on March 2. ETH soared by 18.8% to $4,066 on March 11 before a 22.3% decline to $3,157 on March 29.

Ethereum’s (ETH) fortunes could worsen as the network is undergoing investigation from regulatory agencies. A report by Fortune magazine claims that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seeks to declare Ethereum (ETH) as a security. 

Analysts say such a declaration would reduce the possibility of a spot Ethereum (ETH) ETF. It could also worsen ETH’s performance, pushing its value down by 12.7% to $2,754. Analysts say Ethereum is not a good crypto to buy due its ongoing bearishness. 

Stacks Drops Despite its Rising On-chain Activity

Popular Bitcoin L2, Stacks, has followed its parent blockchain in a rapid decline in mid-March. Stacks was among the bullish altcoins of early March. On-chain reports show that Stacks’ (STX) market capitalization has risen by over $1 billion since the beginning of the month.

However, its price has fallen sharply. STX traded at $2.7067 on February 20. It jumped by 12.4% to $3.0449 on March 3. Over two weeks later, STX dropped by 11.5% to $2.6937 on March 19.

Analysts expect Stacks (STX) to recover if its on-chain activity remains high. On March 19, Stacks (STX) published a report showing that it had averaged over 50,000 monthly active users in 2024. Furthermore, the number of unique wallets on Stacks (STX) had grown to one million. 

One of Stacks’ (STX) largest DeFi apps, Alex, recorded over 11,500 active monthly users. Analysts say increased DeFi activity on Stacks could push STX’s value up by 37.3% to $3.6998.

NuggetRush Eclipses Top Gaming Networks in 2024 with its Rapid Token Sale

Gaming on NuggetRush (NUGX) is a unique opportunity to earn gold and valuables from a resource-packed landscape. The platform offers a 3D ecosystem with a vibrant artisanal mining economy. NuggetRush contains various investors, gamers, and mining enthusiasts contributing to a lively mining game. 

Like real-world mining, players will dig and excavate mineral resources from NuggetRush’s (NUGX) landscape.

You will also participate in exciting activities like land surveys, soil sampling, worker recruitment, and refinement of mineral resources. NuggetRush’s marketplace allows players to realize the monetary value of their efforts. It offers smooth trading of mineral resources. 

Furthermore, it contains the needed inventory to maintain high efficiency in one’s mining operations.

Such high efficiency is rewarded with NFTs, game funds, and other rare collectibles. NuggetRush (NUGX) also lets players enjoy these gaming experiences in collaborative ways. Group tasks are available, offering shared rewards and boosts in the effectiveness of your mining operations. 

NuggetRush (NUGX) also offers a VIP club with special perks for members. Many experts have been blown away as NuggetRush (NUGX) has sold over 242 million presale tokens. It has also completed a 90% value growth since its presale started. 

The project is now in the launchpad round of its presale, with each NUGX token selling at $0.019. After jumping to $0.020, NUGX will get listed. The 100% growth in its presale could make NUGX one of the best new ICOs.

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