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Internet Computer’s World First: AI Successfully Operates on Blockchain Smart Contract

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  • The Internet Computer improves the efficiency and functionality of blockchain smart contracts by integrating AI.
  • Upcoming plans include enhanced hardware capabilities and increased AI model deployment capabilities.

The most recent achievement of the Internet Computer is the direct integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into a blockchain smart contract, which represents a significant advancement in the fusion of AI and blockchain technology.

This achievement establishes AI as a critical driver of innovation and efficiency across decentralized networks and represents a significant milestone for the web3 domain and the vast multi-chain cosmos. It was proven on DFINITY’s Internet Computer Testnet.

Improvements to the Smart Contract’s Features

The Internet Computer, widely recognized as the pioneer in the third generation of blockchain technology, has persistently endeavored to transform the internet’s infrastructure.

This innovative demonstration by developers shows how AI may not only enhance smart contract performance but also become a necessary component, ushering in a new age of intelligent, self-sufficient, unbreakable, and tamper-proof digital contracts.

Although the initial demonstration shows an AI-powered inference engine operating within the constraints of a blockchain, subsequent versions should significantly improve performance.

So, these improvements will show that AI is capable of operating faster and more effectively, using less gas and fewer cycles in the process.

This development represents a significant shift in the way smart contracts are designed and implemented.

In order to enable increasingly complex and demanding AI operations, the Internet Computer is preparing to provide per-transaction instruction capacity on the public network, which will greatly increase the flexibility and application of smart contracts.

The proposal to allow Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions to be accessed by smart contracts is a game-changer since it guarantees determinism and is in line with the Internet Computer’s deliberate transition to a 64-bit environment.

This change would significantly improve smart contract memory, opening the door for the use of more powerful and sophisticated AI models.

Previously, the Internet Computer (ICP) witnessed a significant surge in development activity, surpassing both DOT and ADA. Despite this progress, ICP’s market price has faced ongoing challenges. However, as ETHNews previously reported, a change might be on the horizon given its recent AI and blockchain integration milestones.

Upcoming Plans and Hardware Improvements

The strategic roadmap also highlights the importance of hardware optimization. Future proposals include using the unique architecture of the Internet Computer—sovereign node hardware—to allow WebAssembly (WASM) smart contracts to assign matrix processing to node CPUs, thereby maximizing computational performance.

The bold plan to deliver additional public node machines with GPUs specifically designed to host AI-centric smart contracts is another reason to support this endeavor.

The smooth amalgamation of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology on the Internet Computer expands the technological capabilities of smart contracts and reimagines their possible applications.

The variety of applications is wide and promising, ranging from enabling smart contracts to automatically complete KYC checks by matching faces to driver’s licenses to inspecting Ethereum smart contracts for security vulnerabilities.

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