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Higher or Lower? Ethereum (ETH) Price Back Above $3,000, Rollblock Price Surges Over 50%, Render (RNDR) Still Consolidating

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The crypto market is having more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, with coin prices wanting to break free but being hobbled by Mt Gox and Germany dumping Bitcoin. It is difficult for the average investor to know what to do, but some trends are coming through. The ETH price touched $3k again, setting the stage for a resurgence, Render is fighting back, and new GambleFi giant Rollblock’s presale saw prices spike 50%.

Ethereum (ETH): Juggernaut Loses 20%, ETH Price Claws Back

In a move that stunned everyone, the ETH price tumbled from over $3,500 to under $2,900 in a mere four days. The ETH price was supposed to surge upwards and chase its ATH, but instead, the ETH price was another casualty in a rough couple of months for crypto. In a perfect storm of adverse conditions, the crypto market took a heck of a pounding, with Bitcoin taking the lead but Ethereum and others following suit.

However, it seems as if the storm has passed, and Ethereum has come up for air to briefly poke its head above $3k. The trend is in the right direction, though, and Ethereum should meet and exceed its ATH by October and double in value by Christmas.

Render (RNDR): Took A Licking But Kept On Ticking

Render is one of the crypto success stories of 2023. Priced at $0.40 on Christmas last year, Render spiked to $13.75 in March. However, the unexpected downturn market saw Render lose over half its value in 90 days. Render took a pounding, but this is a token that may be down but not out.

Render is starting to raise its head again, and a slow but steady upturn is evident. Currently below $7.00, Render is at an ideal “buy the dip” price, as it is expected to 4x to $28.00 in the next three months. 

Rollblock (RBLK): A Safe Haven In Uncertain Markets

The crypto market should be in a bull run, but what should be and what is are at odds. Investors looking for a safe haven to invest in are finding it in presale offers like the one currently on offer by Rollblock.  

Crypto presales and ICOs are where the smart money goes to invest, and money does not get much smarter than Rollblock. Rollblock is set and ready for massive growth as a new entrant in the massive half a-trillion-dollar gambling industry. And now, anyone can be part of it through the Rollblock presale offering. Rollblock is currently offering crypto market investors the opportunity to purchase RBLK tokens at a mere $0.0154 per token, allowing retail investors to become part of the massive online gambling market.

The RBLK is more than just a cryptocurrency – it is a utility token that drives the entire Rollblock ecosystem, and all RBLK token holders get paid a dividend on the app’s earnings. Weekly. What’s better than an appreciating cryptocurrency? Answer: one that rewards its holders for merely owning them! And if that is not enough, RBLK tokens can be staked for passive income opportunities.  

Given that the Rollblock dApp has over 150 games — ranging from sports betting to good old casino card games as well as cutting-edge Web3 games of chance and skill — on a play-to-earn basis, Rollblock is primed and ready to attract a massive market following on the crypto market.  


The crypto market is slowly recovering and is set to speed ahead in the coming months. The ETH price should meet and exceed its ATH by Christmas, and Render is set to 4x at the same time. However, the Rollblock presale is where things are happening, the price has already increased by 50% after $ 1 million was successfully raised. Currently in the 3rd stage of the presale and another price increase happening within a few days. The real question is can you afford not to invest?

Get in on the early action of the Rollblock ($RBLK) presale today!

Website: https://presale.rollblock.io/

Socials: https://linktr.ee/rollblockcasino

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