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FTM, RUNE and RBLK: Are These the Next Altcoins To Explode Following DePin Projects Boom?

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Crypto guru Kazi named numerous DePin projects on X (Twitter) which are primed for explosive growth in 2024, with privacy-focused Cosmic Network (COSMIC) leading the pack. However, alongside DePin projects, many traders are also diversifying their holdings with altcoins like Rollblock (RBLK), Fantom (FTM) and THORChain (RUNE). By the end, we will see exactly why these are the best altcoins to buy.

Rollblock (RBLK) Emerges As Prime Disruptor in GambleFi Market

Fueled by transformative blockchain technology, Rollblock (RBLK) positions itself strategically to become a dominant force in the online gambling industry. Integrated with a fully licensed and operational casino, RBLK disrupts the status quo. By ushering in an era of unparalleled transparency, it addresses a critical pain point within the traditionally opaque GambleFi space and this could enable it to dominate the charts in 2024 and beyond.

Moreover, the industry predictions for the GambleFi market indicate that by 2028 it can reach $744 billion and even if Rollblock captures just a small portion of this market it is poised to reach new heights. Rollblock caters to a discerning clientele by eliminating Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, fostering anonymity for privacy-conscious users. This potentially expands the platform’s reach and caters to a specific user base and could put it ahead of most competitors.

Another interesting aspect behind the project is its unique revenue-share model, where up to 30% of the profits generated are strategically allocated towards a weekly token buyback program. This program demonstrably reduces the circulating supply of RBLK tokens through a burn mechanism, potentially leading to token value appreciation through a concept known as scarcity, but only half of the rebought tokens go through this. The other half are distributed directly to RBLK holders, directly aligning investor interests with the platform’s success.

The crypto now trades at $0.014, as it climbed 40% and reached Stage 3 of the presale. It has  also raised over $750,000 in funding and could climb to $1 million raised by the end of the month. According to analyst projections, the crypto can also spike 200% by the end of the month, positioning Rollblock as one of the best altcoins to invest in.

Fantom Price at an Uptrend – What Can Traders Expect?

Fantom (FTM) experienced a price jump throughout the previous week which raised the overall sentiment for the future of the crypto in a positive way. Specifically, the Fantom price climbed over the major $0.60 price barrier and peaked at $0.69. 

Now, for the Fantom crypto to gain additional attention it needs to break past $0.80, which would propel it even above the $1 price range. According to the Fantom price prediction, it can end Q4 of 2024 at $1.20.

THORChain Crypto on the Rise Following Trade Assets Launch

THORChain (RUNE) is also at an uptrend, as Trade Assets went live on top of its ecosystem. Through this functionality, anyone can trade assets with no slippage and with lower fees. This can lead to much greater THORChain crypto usage, potentially driving its value and demand further.

According to the THORChain price chart, the crypto moved from $3.91 to $5.38 during the week and could soon break even above the $6 price barrier. Based on the THORChain price prediction, the furthest point it can reach in 2024 is at $6.81, making it one of the best altcoins to buy.

Which Crypto out of These Can Provide the Highest Returns in 2024?

THORChain and Fantom are two projects that could positively be affected by the upcoming DePin project boom. However, a key crypto that could experience the highest surge is Rollblock, and by the end of 2024, it is poised for significant growth due to the unique revenue-share model and major token utility. These aspects make it one of the best altcoins to invest in.

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