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Experience the Future: VeChain’s Testnet DAO Promises Mainnet Token Parity

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  • VeChain launches VeBetterDAO, seeking to integrate sustainability into blockchain, scheduled for the mainnet on June 30, 2024.
  • VeBetterDAO incentivizes sustainable actions with the B3TR token, encouraging governance and active community participation in Web3.

VeChain has un veiled VeBetterDAO, an initiative that is in its ALPHA testnet stage, anticipating its activation on the mainnet by June 30, 2024. This project aims to foster sustainability within the blockchain universe, incentivizing collective action on Web3 to achieve substantial change.

Incentives and Community Involvement

The main purpose of VeBetterDAO is to grant rewards for sustainable actions through the B3TR utility token, thus promoting participatory governance among users. Users can contribute to the project through sustainable activities.

Its functionalities include an application dedicated to governance, which facilitates community integration, airdrops reclamation and support for decentralized applications (dApps).

During the testnet period, participants interacting with VeBetterDAO receive B3TR tokens. These will be redeemed one for one for tokens on the mainnet after launch. In addition, the possibility to convert B3TR to VOT3, VeBetterDAO’s governance token, is offered, allowing users to influence project decisions.

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Supporting Sustainable Development and Transparency

VeBetterDAO stimulates the development of dApps such as Vyvo, Mugshot and Cleanify, thus promoting health, sustainability and environmental awareness. The base platform, VeChainThor, integrates sustainability into blockchain, encouraging the participation of companies and developers through sustainability-focused grants and hackathons.

The project is distinguished by its commitment to transparency and fairness, avoiding pre-mining and private sales of B3TR tokens. It incentivizes builders and users through token distribution, recommending the use of self-managed wallets such as VeWorld for secure participation.

As a unique incentive, VeBetterDAO rewards members active in governance with the NFT GM Earth, promoting participation in such activities.

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How can I participate in the VeBetterDAO testing network?

To participate in the VeBetterDAO test network, follow these steps:

Create a Portfolio:

  • If you don’t already have one, create a self-custodial wallet. VeChain recommends using VeWorld for this purpose.

Join the Testnet:

  • Visit the VeBetterDAO website during the testnet phase.
  • Connect your wallet to the platform.

Engage with VeBetterDAO:

  • Participate in sustainable actions within the ecosystem.
  • Receive B3TR tokens as a reward for your engagement.
  • Explore dApps such as Vyvo, Mugshot and Cleanify.

Participate in governance:

  • Convert B3TR tokens to VOT3, the governance token.
  • Use VOT3 to participate in decision making within VeBetterDAO.


The current price of VeChain (VET-USD) is approximately $0.040387 USD, down $0.005138 or 11.29% since last recorded. The price change on the day has been between $0.040228 and $0.044425.

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