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Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH To $10K Before Summer Ends After SEC Drops Investigation, Whales Are Loading Up On Rollblock and XRP

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Ethereum (ETH) price hitting the $10K mark might be the best asymmetric bet in the current crypto market conditions. According to a popular analyst, CrediBULL Crypto, Ethereum has the potential to reach such a target by the end of summer. The analyst argued that the ETH price can’t remain in the same place, as the price of BTC is predicted to surge above the $100,000 mark. ETH’s recent case drop by the US SEC is also set to push the price of Ethereum further.

Amidst all of the recent market downside, Ripple (XRP) continues to showcase market resilience amid its lawsuit, as Rollblock (RBLK) attracts whales during its third presale, which has a 100x surge potential by the end of its presale stages.

Rollblock (RBLK) Set to Disrupt the $450 Billion Gambling Industry

As Ethereum is set to undergo a massive surge by the end of the summer, Rollblock (RBLK) is expected to continue its surging trend irrespective of the changes in the overall market sentiment. This online crypto gaming token has recorded a robust presale performance, having delivered a 40% ROI to its early investors. Impressively, Rollblock has also raised over $800,000 in presale revenue as it targets the $1M mark by the end of June.

Additionally, Rollblock’s native token RBLK is being sold at just $0.014, as it aims to take advantage of the highly valued gambling industry that is set to undergo a massive surge in the coming years, something that further boosts its upward momentum, making it the best crypto investment option of 2024. With such a view, investors have already flocked to its presale to capitalize on Rollblock’s intriguing opportunities.

Rollblock utilizes the power of blockchain technology to address some of the inherent issues being faced by traditional casinos, including security, efficiency, and transparency. Rollblock has a simplified sign-up that does not necessitate KYC verifications, ensuring convenience and privacy. This unique GameFi protocol also aims to bridge the existing gap between centralized and decentralized games, giving its users the best of both worlds.

More interesting, Rollblock features a unique revenue-sharing model, where up to 30% of its weekly revenue is allocated to repurchasing RBLK tokens from the open market. 50% of the repurchased tokens will be removed entirely from circulation, fostering scarcity and buying pressure within its ecosystem. The remaining half is then allocated to staking reward purposes. With such a unique feature, Rollblock will disrupt the crypto market, positioning it as the best cryptocurrency to invest in. With a potential Q3 listing, analysts project a massive surge in the coming months.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Outlook Seems Positive After SEC Drops Case

On June 19, 2024, the US SEC officially closed its investigation into whether or not Ethereum should be classified as a security. This momentous retreat settled the dust from negative regulatory concerns regarding Ethereum as a security. However, the question remains: how will the price of ETH react to having a clear path?

Since the announcement, the Ethereum price has showcased signs of stability following its horizontal pattern, which has persisted ever since the news of spot Ethereum ETF approval on May 23. Market observers and analysts are optimistic about the future of Ethereum, with CrediBULL Crypto indicating that ETH’s price might hit the $10K mark before the end of the summer. Conor O’Neil has also indicated that with the removal of major regulatory barriers for ETH, the coin is set to undergo an impressive surge in the coming months, positioning it as the best crypto to invest in.

Ripple (XRP) Lawsuit on CEO Brad Garlinghouse Update

The United States Federal Court judge has given the go-ahead to the civil securities lawsuit against Ripple Labs, claiming its CEO broke California Security Laws. According to Judge Phillis Hamilton’s order, a jury will now decide on the outcome of Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who is accused of making misleading statements in a 2017 interview. Ripple has also been accused of four allegations of failing to register Ripple as a security guard.

Ripple and the SEC also seem to be clashing over the size of the civil penalty. Initially, the SEC had proposed a $1.95B in recovery and civil penalties, while Ripple strongly opposed such an amount and mentioned a $10M figure instead, citing its recent settlement of the regulator with bankrupt Terraform Labs. This comes at a time when Ripple is trying to recover from its recent price dip.

Will Ethereum Surge Also Aid Altcoins Such as Ripple and Rollblock?

If Ethereum can manage to hit the $10K price mark, it will impact most altcoins, including Ripple and Rollblock. However, Rollblock is already setting itself as the best crypto investment in 2024 with its outstanding presale performance—a reason why global whales are shifting to this new coin.

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