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Ethereum Gas Fees Skyrockets, Solana and NuggetRush Aim for New Highs

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  • Ethereum gas fees have hit a multi-month high of  $11.
  • Solana bulls are up and are gearing for the $120 price mark after crossing $100.
  • NuggetRush is currently aiming to rise to $0.020.

Ethereum’s gas fees have soared to a multi-month peak, reaching $11.00, a sign of increased network activity. Meanwhile, Solana bulls have set their eyes on the $120 price target. In other developments, NuggetRush blockchain ICO is drawing to a close, and it will be listed at $0.020.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Presale Phase Rounding Up Soon

NuggetRush (NUGX) is currently in the spotlight as its crypto ICO phase draws to a close. The project is building a platform that merges play-to-earn gaming with earning potential. 

This platform offers an engaging crypto mining adventure where players can earn while enjoying the game. With various challenges available, players can win the coolest NFT rewards and learn about management skills as they run their mining operations. 

Success in the game depends on having good equipment and winning in-game assets. As a result, players must work towards upgrading their gear. Also, NuggetRush allows collaboration. So, players can form alliances for joint mineral searches and mining tasks. Presently, the NUGX token is priced at $0.018, a 20% increase from its previous price.

Market analysts are predicting substantial returns, with a potential 50x increase for early investors in this DeFi project. Joining with NuggetRush now is the best idea, as it allows investors to grow their portfolios as the project evolves.

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Ethereum (ETH) Transaction Volume and Fees Soar

Ethereum (ETH) has seen a notable rise in transaction volume since the start of February. This has led to a surge in network gas fees to levels not observed in several months. 

Data from The Block‘s Data Dashboard showed that the economic activity on the Ethereum blockchain has soared to more than $3.55 billion. This marks a 15% increase from the $3.08 billion average at the month’s outset. 

This surge in activity has pushed the average gas fees on the Ethereum network to over $11.00. The last gas fees that came close to this peak were in mid-December 2023 figures. 

A significant driver behind this uptick in both transaction volume and gas fees has been the increased trading activity in the Ethereum NFT market. According to data, Ethereum NFT trading volume recently hit a multi-month high of $147.29 million.

Solana (SOL) Price Analysis

Solana (SOL), the Ethereum killer, has finally crossed the $100 mark after a series of forward and backward movements. Data from CoinMarketCap revealed that the DeFi coin price had jumped 6.8% in the past week.

The altcoin soared from a low of $93.75 and peaked at $110.25, its highest price in the past week. Apart from the weekly timeframe, Solana is also bullish on the wider timeframes. Its price is up 13.0% and 399.0% on the monthly and yearly timeframes. With Solana coin trading above the $100 mark, the next target is the $120 mark.

Solana’s technical indicators are currently bullish and support a push to this mark. Firstly, Solana is trading above the 50-day SMA ($96.65) and 200-day SMA ($51.30). Also, it has recorded 17 green days out of 30, a sign that bulls have the upper hand.

Final Thoughts 

Solana and NuggetRush have emerged as the best altcoins to invest in as the crypto market marks a surprise recovery. Analysts are bullish that NuggetRush can ride this recovery to new ATH in the coming weeks.

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