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Ethereum ETF Concerns Dismissed by Consensys, Traders Watch Quant and Chainlink Competitor for Upcoming Rallies

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In the evolving narrative of cryptocurrency’s integration into mainstream financial markets, the discussion around Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has taken a significant turn. Consensys, a leading blockchain software company, recently presented a compelling argument to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), advocating for the approval of an Ethereum ETF. Amidst this backdrop of regulatory discourse, traders are closely watching the dynamics between Quant, Chainlink, and an emerging crypto, InQubeta, as they position themselves for anticipated market rallies.

Consensys Advocates for Ethereum ETF

In a significant conversation with the U.S. SEC, Consensys, a heavyweight in the blockchain software world, threw its support behind Ethereum’s proof of stake (PoS) approach, saying it actually beats the security setup of Bitcoin’s proof of work (PoW). This bold stance was part of Consensys’ push for the SEC to green-light an Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF), shining a light on Ethereum’s design for its top-notch safeguards and robustness.

The company’s push comes in the wake of the SEC’s call for public insights on a rule change proposal by Nasdaq to trade the Ishares Ethereum Trust, with particular interest in Ethereum’s defenses against fraud and manipulation. In its March 29 response, Consensys outlined Ethereum’s PoS consensus model as superior in several facets, including security enhancements, environmental advantages, and a more efficient block validation process. These assertions aim not just to sway regulatory approval but also to underscore Ethereum’s pioneering advancements in the blockchain space.

InQubeta: A Quant and Chainlink Rival Gearing Up For a Rally

As the crypto world watches the unfolding saga of Ethereum ETFs with bated breath, a new ICO steps into the arena. InQubeta, an AI-driven newcomer, is ready to shake up the landscape, challenging heavyweights like Quant and Chainlink. It’s not just another cryptocurrency ICO; InQubeta is on a mission to make AI startup investments accessible to everyone, not just the tech elite. It is smashing through the walls that have kept so many people out of the booming AI market, thanks to its QUBE tokens that make fractional ownership a reality.

It’s how InQubeta stands out that’s truly exciting. It uses NFTs to give investors a real stake in AI startups. This isn’t just a new trick; it’s a revolution, blending the clarity of blockchain with AI’s endless possibilities. They’ve designed their token system to really benefit those who are in it for the long haul and who dive into the community headfirst, promising a vibrant and growing investment scene that’s electric with potential.

Looking down the road, InQubeta’s plans are filled with opportunities, from kick-starting an NFT marketplace to launching InQubeta Swap and even setting up their own DAO. These steps are bold, intertwining AI and blockchain in ways we’ve only dreamed of, and they’re gearing up to transform the industry.

At the heart of InQubeta’s surge forward is a deep commitment to security. With thorough audits and KYC verifications backing them up, they’re laying down a foundation of trust that’s as solid as a rock. With over $13 million already pouring into its presale, it’s clear that InQubeta is not just riding the crypto wave – it’s steering it towards new shores, ready to redefine how we invest in the future of AI.


As the crypto community navigates through the complexities of regulatory approvals and debates the merits of various consensus models, InQubeta captures the spotlight with its innovative approach to AI and blockchain integration. While Consensys champions the cause for Ethereum ETFs, showcasing the advanced features of Ethereum’s PoS model, InQubeta prepares to make waves in the market, challenging top altcoins like Quant and Chainlink. With its unique platform, ambitious roadmap, and a clear vision for the future, InQubeta is not just a competitor but a trailblazer, poised to lead a new era of technological advancement and financial empowerment in the crypto space.

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