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Ethereum and Arbitrum Showing Promise, But Borroe Finance Could Be the Game Changer

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As the Ethereum (ETH) Duncan upgrade approaches, market players anticipate a significant boost in its value, along with other Ethereum layer-2 networks. Also, Arbitrum (ARB) is making a name for itself in the crypto space as it showcases incredible dynamics in recent times. Meanwhile, the real game changer could be Borroe Finance ($ROE), one of the new DeFi projects, given its current outlook and the outlook of the altcoins market.

Let’s find out more about these top crypto coins.


Ethereum’s Duncan Upgrade To Benefit The Crypto Industry

The digital asset world recently witnessed a groundbreaking event involving the approval of the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETF, which is thought to usher in the first wave of the bull cycle. However, another similarly significant milestone has appeared on the horizon, with the potential to initiate the second wave of the bull run, particularly across the altcoins market. In particular, Ethereum (ETH) is expected to undergo another upgrade dubbed “the Duncan Upgrade” on an unspecified date.

The projected impact of this upgrade on Ethereum (ETH) has created a build-up of anticipation within the crypto community. Ethereum-based layer-2 protocols have become settlements for institutional and individual investors expecting this event. Moreover, these layer-2 networks, including Arbitrum, Polygon, and Shibarium, to name a few, have created a flair among market players due to their scalability solutions, low fees, and speed.

Ethereum (ETH) was among the top gainers following the spot BTC ETF announcement on January 10. As the chart reflects, Ethereum (ETH) rose 14.47% from $2,221 to $2,542 between January 8 and January 14. Given the expectation of the Duncan upgrade, experts believe liquidity will begin flowing into Ethereum (ETH), resulting in an 18% increase to the $3,000 region in the coming weeks.

Arbitrum Leads Other Layer-2 Networks on Ethereum

Arbitrum (ARB), a prominent ETH-based L2 blockchain, has purported significant developments within its ecosystem. In particular, an on-chain report on January 5 revealed that Arbitrum (ARB) experienced a noteworthy increase in transaction volume and market value in the first week of January. The report showed that the DEX trade volume on Arbitrum (ARB) outshone that of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and Solana.

Also, ARB’s DEX volume succinctly overshadowed ETH’s, a landmark achievement for the L2 network. L2BEAT, a market intelligence platform, pointed out Arbitrum’s position among the subsisting layer-2 protocols on Ethereum (ETH) in data published on January 10. Per the data, Arbitrum (ARB) came third, trailing zkSync Era and Ethereum.

Besides ETH, ARB made more impressive moves on the chart, gaining 24.02% in value between January 8 and January 14. Arbitrum (ARB) rose from $1.72 to $2.13 during this period. Based on ARB’s trajectory, experts expect Arbitrum to hit $3.00 in the coming weeks, indicating a 40.8% increase in its current value.

Borroe Finance: The Game-Changing DeFi Project

Despite Arbitrum and Ethereum’s remarkable dynamics, Borroe Finance ($ROE) portends an even more pronounced outlook. Its price projection as an emerging currency fixates it among the top DeFi projects. Recently, Borroe Finance ($ROE) crossed a significant milestone, raising over $2.5 million in funding amid its presale.

The success of Borroe Finance’s presale indicates the level of attraction to the project within the crypto community. Its use case as a marketplace to convert future earnings into immediate cash flow makes it a tenable project for Web3 users. $ROE’s price projection also contributes to its widespread adoption among crypto investors.

Notably, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is projected to grow 300% in price during its presale. Of this, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has achieved 89.9%, soaring from $0.010 in the beta stage to $0.019 in the fourth stage. With Borroe Finance ($ROE) expected to wrap its presale at $0.040, investors stand to cash in 110.5% ROI at the final stage of $ROE’s presale round.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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