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Crypto’s Rising Star: AVAX Token Skyrockets Following Avalanche’s Cortina Upgrade

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  • Avalanche’s Cortina upgrade goes live on protocol’s testnet and AVAX token rallies.
  • The upgrade improves support for exchanges and enables faster development.

Avalanche’s layer 1 protocol, AVAX token, has surged by 2% following the implementation of its Cortina upgrade on the testnet. According to Avalanche, the upgrade will enhance exchanges’ support for its X-Chain, which the protocol uses to send and receive funds, and speed up development among other benefits. In addition, the protocol has launched “Evergreen Subnets,” a set of financial tools designed for institutions.

Cortina upgrade streamlines exchange support

The implementation of Cortina on Avalanche’s testnet has been instrumental in streamlining exchanges’ support for the protocol’s X-Chain, a vital component of Avalanche’s operations. This development, according to the protocol, will improve user experience and enhance the overall efficiency of Avalanche’s ecosystem.

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Avalanche introduces “Evergreen Subnets” for financial institutions

Apart from Cortina, Avalanche has also launched “Evergreen Subnets,” a series of tools designed for financial institutions. This development is a step towards attracting more institutional investors to the Avalanche network and, in the long run, enhancing the protocol’s credibility in the crypto space.

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