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China Prepares to Tighten Crypto Regulations with Revised AML Laws by 2025

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  • China is amending its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws to include cryptocurrency transactions by 2025, marking the first major revision since 2007.
  • Despite the 2021 ban on cryptocurrencies, technological advances have enabled continued access, prompting the need for stricter regulations.

China’s Response to Evolving Cryptocurrency Landscape

China, in a significant regulatory move, is set to overhaul its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws by 2025, specifically targeting cryptocurrency transactions. This decision comes as a response to the growing challenges posed by the decentralized nature of digital assets and the persistent use of cryptocurrencies despite the nationwide ban in 2021.

Amending Laws for Digital Age Challenges

The announcement, made at an executive meeting chaired by Prime Minister Li Qiang, underscores China’s recognition of the evolving financial landscape and the need to adapt its legal framework accordingly. The revised AML regulations, which will be the first of their kind since 2007, are currently in the legislative work plan of the State Council and are anticipated to be enacted within three years.

Experts, including scholars and financial professionals, have emphasized the complexity and breadth of AML laws. This complexity is further amplified when addressing the unique nature of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Peking University Law School Professor Wang Xin, who participated in the discussions, highlighted the growing trend of using cryptocurrencies for money laundering activities. He pointed out the current legal framework’s lack of clarity in defining digital assets and the operational challenges in managing assets involved in money laundering crimes.

Bridging the Regulatory Gap

China’s 2021 blanket ban on cryptocurrency use, targeting offshore exchanges and mining activities, was a significant step towards curbing the unregulated expansion of digital currencies. However, the ban has not fully deterred mainland users from accessing the crypto market, thanks to technological advancements and the inherent decentralized features of cryptocurrencies.

The revised AML regulations aim to address this disconnect by providing clearer guidelines and operational measures to combat money laundering risks associated with digital assets. The amendments are expected to close the loopholes that have allowed for continued crypto activities in China, reinforcing the government’s stance on controlling financial risks while adapting to the digital economy’s evolution.

In conclusion, as China gears up for a major legal shift in its approach to cryptocurrencies, the global crypto community watches closely. These changes are not just about tightening controls but also about acknowledging the pervasive and evolving nature of digital currencies in today’s financial ecosystem.

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