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ChainGPT is Launching Solidus AI Tech, the Web3 Infrastructure as a Service Provider

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ChainGPT, the leading AI Infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry is bringing one of its most promising incubation projects to the public. After months of careful planning, diligent development, and community building, Solidus AI Tech will be taking its next step into Web3 and launching its $AITech IDO on the ChainGPT Pad .

With their world-class team, mesmerizing website, incredible network of connections, and rock-solid plan of action, Solidus AI Tech is ready to bring its products to market and become an active player in the digital economy!

What is Solidus AI Tech?

Based in Europe, Solidus AI Tech is an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) company that is solving some of the most prevalent, fundamental issues plaguing the digital economy; namely the demand for computational infrastructure. Building out their own 8,000-square-foot facility to house hardware that has been wired with their proprietary algorithms that improve computational costs and efficiencies. In tandem to the physical infrastructure, they are tapping into their resources to provide a full stack of cutting-edge Web3 infrastructural software solutions including Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-service (AIaaS), Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), High Performance Computing power (HPC), and an Artificial Intelligence marketplace.

What does AI Tech Provide?

As an infrastructure services company, Solidus AI Tech is providing a suite of four core services that can be used by companies, institutions, and even governments as a foundation to build sustainable digital systems. From metaverse to CBDC to gaming and beyond this is what AI Tech is providing:

AIaaS Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-service
Artificial intelligence is the frontier of mankind’s intellectual flourishing. Considered to be just as, if not more important a technological revolution as was the steam engine, AI has become the building block for new technologies promising to improve the lives of people around the world. Solidus AI Tech has neatly wrapped up a turnkey solution to jumpstart the integrations and implementations of AI into a broad range of applications.

BaaS Blockchain-as-a-service
Building blockchains from scratch is an extremely tedious, long, and resource-intensive (labor and capital) process. Building quality blockchains that can satisfy the security and operational demands of sensitive, high-value operations if even more arduous. Solidus AI Tech is extending its intelligent blockchain designs for any imaginable use case.

HPC High Performance Computation
The demand for computation continues to grow alongside the world’s population that is coming online and new energy-dependent solutions are introduced into society. Solidus AI Tech provides computation for the most intensive use cases across a multitude of industries.

AI Marketplace
The exchange of automated intelligent processes unlocks an entirely new machine economy that contributes to a potentially entirely new and untapped market segment. Solidus AI Tech will be providing a venue where industrial and individual AI commerce can take place.

What are some of AI Tech’s Unique Features?

Apart from the four key products that Solidus AI tech provides, there is a mixture of sophisticated novel developments at the design, code, and principle layers of the project that make it stand out from the crowd and supersede all existing solutions attempting to spearhead the enormous, evergreen market segment of Computational Infrastructure.

Some of these features include:

High Performance Computing Costs reduction

Notorious for its insatiable energy demands, HPC is a problem that is looking for solutions beyond just the linear increase of hardware. Solidus AI Tech has developed proprietary algorithms that improve hardware efficiencies by 40% above the benchmark rate of existing industry standards; driving down costs, while increasing efficiency.

Eco Friendly Computation IP (Intellectual Property)
Going hand-in-hand with its HPC reductions costs, a byproduct of Solidus AI Tech’s focus on optimization has resulted in the creation of innovations granting them intellectual property in the form of algorithmic systems that is much friendly for the environment with its efficient (lowered) consumption of energy and heightened computational capacity.

Custom Data Center
Solidus AI Tech has been able to secure a location with some of the lowest-cost energy and highest internet speed internet in all of Europe. With the presence of an in-house data center, Solidus AI Tech is in control of the computational supply chain and has full sovereignty in optimizing its service across every vertical of supply and demand. Built in Bucharest, the facility spans some 8,000 square feet and operates under ISO 14001:2015.

Vulnerability Monitoring
Security, monitoring, and specifically designed firewalls, Solidus AI tech provides a full spectrum of proactive protective measures to ensure the reliability of its systems. Leveraging novel structures of network devices existing without IP or MAC addresses alongside its protocol of automatic vulnerability detection satisfies the most stringent institutional security requirements.

Government Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Utilizing a combination of its software and hardware solutions, Solidus AI Tech is able to service the most demanding use cases while adhering to NATO quality assurance standard. From voting, taxation, land registration, and supply chain traceability to Healthcare and Identity management; the security, flexibility and expertise Solidus AI Tech provides caters to every grade of entity.

Solidus AITECH Tokenomics

In tune with the forward-looking innovations that are coming out of Solidus AI Tech’s ecosystems, their vision of a decentralized, digital future is underscored with its elegant tokenomics that complement and underpin their system processes. Empowering users of all types with equal access to high quality infrastructure the $AITECH token adheres to inclusive, cost-efficient ideologies. From a payment vehicle for their product licenses, an incentive for creating and publishing quality AI tooling, and membership to the DAO, $AITECH is worth taking a look at:

Token Name: AI Tech
Token Symbol: $AITECH
Token Standard: BEP-20
Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Moreover, the $AITECH token has adopted the leading practices in deflationary economics by implementing a variable burn program that takes 5%-10% of every transaction used for acquiring platform serves and systematically removes them from circulation; thereby exerting constant pressure on the open market dynamics of the asset.


$AITECH IDO on ChainGPT Pad Details

Solidus AI Tech has dedicated a portion of its supply for the ChainGPT Pad IDO as follows:

IDO Date: 08/21/2023
Token Price” $0.012
Supply Allocation: 13,333,333.33 $AITECH tokens
Max Allocation: $160,000
Listing on Exchanges: August 28th, at 10 AM (UTC)

More information about the IDO specifications are available in their official listing here.

* ChainGPT implements a unique protection mechanism for all IDO participants in the form of a refund policy. After an IDO has been completed, if for any reason participants feel as though they would rather revise their contributions, they have up to 7 days to do so (unless they claim their allocations). For a more in-depth explanation of the ChainGPT Pad refund policy refer to their official article discussing it here.

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