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Cardano and Tron TRX Whales Accumulate This New Altcoin for the 2024 Bull Run

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Cardano (ADA): A Leader in Blockchain Evolution

As a proof-of-stake platform, Cardano emphasizes sustainability, scalability, and interoperability. Cardano has seen a significant uptick in blockchain activity, attributable to a series of network upgrades and an influx of new users. In Q2, blockchain transactions jumped by 49%, with blockchain load increasing to 50%, indicating a growing demand and usage across its network. 

These enhancements have not only attracted a larger user base but have also positioned Cardano as a dynamic player in the blockchain space. The platform’s focus on academic research and formal methods in development ensures a robust and secure blockchain. However, Cardano still seems to be struggling to continue its growth as it lost 6.55% this month and its oscillators remain neutral. Because of this some Cardano whales have moved to Meme Moguls.

Tron (TRX): Expanding the Decentralized Web

In 2023, TRON (TRX) achieved remarkable growth, with user accounts growing by 54% to exceed 204 million, and transaction volumes hitting over $10 trillion. Its DeFi ecosystem’s TVL reached $8.14 billion, securing a global second rank, while TRON-based stablecoins reached a value of $50 billion. Strategic partnerships, including collaborations with the Dominica government, the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association, and integrations with Google Cloud and Huawei, expanded TRON’s ecosystem and market presence.

Community engagement efforts, like HackaTRON and the TRON Builder Tour, supported hundreds of innovative projects. Initiatives like the $100 million AI Development Fund and the TRON Climate Initiative underscored TRON’s commitment to sustainability and technological advancement. Recognition at major events and receiving awards, such as the “Best Layer-1 of the Year” at Blockchain Life 2023, highlighted its strong infrastructure and community trust.

Despite these advancements, TRON faced challenges, such as a TVL decline and bearish market trends. However, completing its five billionth transaction underscored TRON’s efficiency and reliability. This mixed outcome suggests areas for improvement while confirming TRON’s significant potential and influence in the blockchain space as it moves into 2024 and beyond​. Tron is up 5.05% in the last seven days. However, even though moving averages are showing a buy signal, the oscillators remain on-sell. These are the reasons why Tron whales are moving to more promising altcoins.

Meme Moguls (MGLS): The Next Big Memecoin

Meme Moguls is pioneering as the world’s first meme-backed stock market/exchange, blending the viral charm of memes with the excitement of cryptocurrency trading. It offers a unique platform where users can connect, trade meme-based assets, and compete in fantasy trading. With features like Moguls Casino and Mogul Land, it invites individuals to dive into a vibrant ecosystem, aiming to create a community where users can earn and learn in an engaging environment. 

Meme Moguls is not just about trading; it’s about building wealth, sharpening trading strategies, and being part of a movement that values humor and financial savvy. As it strives to become the next big meme coin, Meme Moguls presents an opportunity to be at the forefront of a meme coin resurgence, promising an exhilarating journey for early adopters and investors alike.

Considering the meme coin market is set to double analysts are expecting Meme Moguls to grow 100x as it actually has utility alongside a vibrant community on par with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

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