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Breaking: Polygon’s Bold Step with EIP-4844: Transforming MATIC’s Future?

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  • Polygon addresses its network outage and technical debts, reaffirming its commitment to Ethereum’s scalability and security.
  • The negative MATIC price and planned improvements in proving technologies and strategic alliances show Polygon’s proactive approach to growth and scalability.

With its Layer-2 scaling solutions, Polygon has established itself as a major player, especially in improving Ethereum’s scalability.

Its creative solutions, such as sidechains, zk-rollups, and optimistic roll-ups, which are designed to solve the fundamental issues with Ethereum’s scalability and encourage broader dApp and DeFi adoption, demonstrate this commitment.

Resolving the Network Outage in Polygon 

The road is not without its challenges, though. Due to a rearrangement in the underlying Layer-1 Ethereum network, the Polygon network suffered a major setback on March 22 when its zkEVM experienced a network outage, in line with what ETHNews previously disclosed.

This reorganization resulted in transaction errors and issues with incorrect nonce returns, highlighting the weaknesses of blockchain infrastructures and the ongoing need for robust security measures.

In response to the event, Polygon co-founder Brendan Farme discussed the technical debts resulting from certain choices made in the Polygon zkEVM rollup, mainly concerning the client and the usage of a custom client.

Farme took a proactive approach to continual development when he discussed the ongoing attempts to solve these issues in a podcast interview with Unchained.

Examining the Market Dynamics of MATIC 

Not to be overlooked are the developments’ financial ramifications. At the time of writing, the price of MATIC was $0.8938, a drop of 1.60% for the previous week and 0.30% over the previous day, according to CoinGecko.

The study that shows that MATIC’s Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio is at -6.54%, implying possible losses if tokens are traded right away, is consistent with this negative trend.

However, historical evidence shows that these negative MVRV ratios frequently signal possible buying opportunities ahead of the next rally, coming before notable price spikes.

Improving Efficiencies and Providing Developer Access

Laura Shin, a crypto journalist, emphasized in a public conversation Polygon’s attempts to go beyond the dispute between monolithic and modular blockchains by means of its decentralized protocols that facilitate chain interoperability.

This vision is in line with the industry’s broader investigation of zero-knowledge technologies, Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions, and the prospects for proof-of-stake chains.

In this context, a cryptocurrency enthusiast on X noted that Layer 2 solutions—ARB, BLAST, BASE, MATIC, and OP—dominate on-chain Total Value Locked (TVL) charts.

In light of MATIC’s prior 10,000% gain and parabolic bull run, the community makes predictions on which Layer 2 platform will next harness the momentum of the market.

There is some promise as Polygon continues to work through these challenges, thanks to the short-term roadmap. Farme’s suggestions for modernizing proof technology and switching to EIP-4844 offer a large proof cost reduction and increased productivity.

Additionally, Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiro stresses the deliberate choice to combine Polygon POS with EigenLayer, with the aim of fixing Layer 2 ecosystem inefficiencies and making it easier for developers to access liquidity, which will ultimately encourage the creation of major blockchain projects.

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