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Brave Browser Integration: Hoskinson Boosts Cardano, Seeks to Compete with Solana

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  • Integrating Cardano into Brave could result in increased visibility for ADA, promoting its adoption in more applications.
  • Collaboration can stimulate healthy competition, motivating Solana and other blockchains to improve their technologies.

Collaboration between technology platforms, especially in the blockchain arena, is a key factor in increasing adoption and facilitating access to cryptocurrencies. A concrete example of this dynamic is the possible integration of Cardano with the Brave browser.

This initiative, led by Charles Hoskinson, seeks to utilize Brave’s large user base, which reports 65.17 million monthly active users and 24.57 million daily active users, to increase the visibility and usage of Cardano, currently the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization with a value of $24,340,775,403.

This proposed integration points to a deeper collaboration than simply adding ADA as a payment option or in the Brave wallet. The vision is for a partnership that could extend to the adoption of Brave’s BAT token on Cardano’s platform, which would elevate the utility of both technologies and mark a significant advance in cryptocurrency interoperability.

As he is quoted,

“Decentralization and resilience are an expensive asset. Speed is easy, speed with decentralization, resilience, preservation of the principles of the system, nobody is going to solve that problem.”

For Cardano, this partnership offers the opportunity to access an extensive user base, potentially accelerating adoption and usage. At the same time, competing with Solana within the Brave ecosystem reflects a technological rivalry that could drive innovation and continued development as we have seen in other cases here at ETHNews.

On the other hand, Solana could indirectly benefit from this competition, a question we have already read about here at ETHNews, as it drives technological advancement and ensures that both platforms seek to offer more effective and efficient solutions to their users. This competitive environment favors not only the blockchains involved but also the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

Brave users would benefit from a greater diversity of cryptographic options and the ability to securely and directly interact with advanced blockchain technologies.

The integration would facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies, making them more accessible to the average user and enriching the privacy-centric browsing experience, information we have covered very well on ETHNews.

On the other hand, Cardano has reached a significant figure with the generation of its 10 millionth block, an event that underscores the stability and scalability of the network. This achievement, accompanied by optimistic predictions about the increasing value of its ADA token, suggests potential growth in adoption and development within the Cardano ecosystem.

Source: https://adastat.net/

The expectation that ADA will outperform its current price to set new all-time highs could be interpreted as a reflection of confidence in Cardano’s maturity and future potential.

This provides a solid foundation for the expansion of its network, attracting both investors and developers interested in contributing to the growth of its decentralized platform.

New Highs for ADA?

The current price of Cardano (ADA) is approximately 0.695 USD, marking an increase of 6.11% today. The coin has experienced a significant increase of 18.80% this week and an impressive 35.21% in the last month .


Over the course ofthe last six months, ADA has seen an increase of 171.48%, and since the beginning of the year, it is up 17.00%. Over the course of the last year, ADA is up 93.06%, and over the last five years, it has seen a staggering 1540.06% increase . Its all-time high was 3.1 USD.

Source: Coinmarketcap

ADA’s current market capitalization is approximately 24.66 billion USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of about 941.37 million USD .The circulating bid is approximately 35.48 billion, with an expected maximum bid of 45.00 billion ADA.

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