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Borroe Finance Gains Ground as Ethereum and Polkadot Navigate Market Fluctuations

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Ethereum (ETC) and Polkadot (DOT) have already been established as crypto stalwarts. However, investors are getting caught up by one of the new DeFi projects, Borroe Finance ($ROE), which will deliver impressive ROI in the upcoming months. But will $ROE surpass ETC and DOT? Let’s find out.


Borroe Finance Continues To Build Investors’ Enthusiasm

Investors are widely impressed with Borroe Finance’s performance in the presale stages. Just launched back in July, Borroe Finance has already created shocking waves in the crypto world. Thanks to its AI-driven NFT funding marketplace.

The innovative approach of Borroe Finance helps Web3 participants and businesses to min their future earnings into NFTs and sell those NFTs at low rates to supportive communities.

With liquidity lock mechanisms and token burn strategies, Borroe Finance’s native token $ROE has become much more popular. Also, its decentralized identity has added more positivity for DeFi enthusiasts.

At the moment, $ROE’s Stage 4 is going very strong and swift. $ROE is retailing at $0.019. Early birds have already enjoyed 90% profit after embarking on Borroe Finance’s thrilling journey. Once the presale ends, $ROE will list on DEX (decentralized exchange) and will be priced at $0.040

This upward trajectory has added confidence among investors to deem $ROE as an ultimate choice for best crypto investment picks.


Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Has Gone Live

On January 17, 2024, Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade was launched on Goerli’s testnet, but a bug in Prysm kept the network finalizing for nearly four hours. This Ethereum Dencun upgrade will significantly lower the cost of transactions on Ethereum layer 2s.

Following the upgrade, Ethereum experienced an uptick, driving ETH price from $2,500 to $2,609 on the same day. This excellent surge in ETH represented a 4.36% increase on January 17. After that, Ethereum’s momentum waned. As of January 21, ETH was trading at $2,468, a 5.40% dip between the time frames.

Moreover, Ethereum has been navigating a downward channel. Also, ETH was trading just below the 50-day EMAs. The ETH’s RSI level has also gone down below the neutral level at 44, prompting a neutral stance. Recently, ETH found support at $2,475. Experts say if Ethereum sustains its support level, ETH could climb to $2,600.

Yet, investors are eager to invest in $ROE over ETH as Borroe Finance firmly held its ground with presale success.

Polkadot Update on Parachain Auction

On January 20, 2024, the Polkadot blockchain announced an update on the current Polkadot parachain auction. With this update, Polkadot has raised 35,621 DOT worth $244 thousand. The project Bifrost Polkadot has raised 31,500+ DOT, and Equilibrium has raised 4,090+ DOT.

Besides, Polkadot has been experiencing an intense bearish momentum since the start of 2024. However, Polkadot saw an uptrend on January 11, rising DOT price from $6.94 to $8.58. Despite this, buyers could not propel the altcoin price recovery.

DOT could not continue its surge and fell to $6.83 on January 21. This sharp 20.39% fall in DOT’s price has added negative sentiment in the market. In recent Polkadot’s technical analysis, bears seemed to have the upper hand. DOT’s MACD also indicates a bearish outlook. 

Analysts say that if Polkadot falls into the bears’ trap, a drop for DOT to $5.56 will become much more likely. Therefore, new crypto like $ROE has become one of the top altcoins to watch.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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