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Bitcoin’s Lunar Rally: Will BTC Hit $48K During Chinese New Year?

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  • Bitcoin surpasses $46,000 at the start of the Year of the Dragon, reflecting cultural traditions and optimism in the crypto market.
  • Absorption of selling pressure by ETFs and lower BTC outflows from miners indicates sustained demand and price recovery.

Bitcoin’s recent crossing of the $46,000 mark, coinciding with the start of the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac, a period considered one of great fortune and prosperity, marks a notable point in cryptocurrency market behavior.

This phenomenon not only reflects cultural traditions and their impact on financial markets, but also underscores a number of technical and market factors that are influencing the price of Bitcoin.

The Cultural Context and its Impact on the Market

The celebration of the Chinese New Year, especially as we enter the year of the dragon, traditionally associated with luck and prosperity, has a memetic effect on the cryptocurrency market.

The similarity in the pronunciation of “dragon” with the Mandarin word “long” enhances this effect among traders, who may be influenced by these positive connotations to take long positions in Bitcoin.

Historically, Bitcoin has shown gains during the Chinese New Year period, which may be contributing to the current optimism.

Technical Analysis and Market Predictions

10X Research’s forecast, which suggests a possible rise to $48,000 based on historical behaviors during the Chinese New Year, reflects an expectation of at least 11% upside in the near term.


This forecast is supported by Bitcoin’s recent performance, which has seen an increase of nearly 15% in the past two weeks, recovering from anticipated losses from the launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which were initially perceived as sell-off events.

Market Dynamics and Demand

The absorption of over $1 billion in Bitcoin selling pressure by various ETFs in recent weeks points to solid underlying demand. This movement suggests that, despite selling expectations, there is substantial interest in holding or acquiring Bitcoin through these investment vehicles.

In addition, the decline in Bitcoin moves from miners’ portfolios, which generally indicate selling, contributes to a picture of reduced selling pressure in the market.

Implications for Bitcoin

Photo by 順平 黃 on Unsplash

The convergence of these factors – the cultural context of the Chinese New Year, predictions based on technical analysis and current market dynamics – points to a strengthening in Bitcoin’s price.

Declining selling pressure from ETF holders and miners, coupled with increasing demand, suggests a market in recovery and potentially on the cusp of an uptrend.

Bitcoin’s recent price action, reaching its highest level since January 12, against a backdrop where the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 indices are also hitting record highs, reflects widespread optimism in the financial markets.

Bitcoin Crosses $46K as Year of ‘Long’ Begins, Easing ETF Sell-Off

For Bitcoin investors and traders, this period represents an opportunity to reassess strategies, considering both technical and contextual factors that are influencing the market.

Bitcoin’s crossing $46,000 at the start of the Year of the Dragon symbolizes a time of potential and optimism for the cryptocurrency.

Expectations of additional gains during this festive period, combined with technical signs of strength and robust demand, suggest a promising horizon for Bitcoin in the short to medium term.

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