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Bitcoin Whales Go Big On This Decentralized Robinhood Alternative Set To Rise From $0.01831 to $10

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Bitcoin whales control a large part of investor sentiment regarding the world’s biggest crypto asset. Interestingly, on-chain sentiment and analytics suggest that many of these Bitcoin whales are now diverting their attention to a new decentralized exchange called ETFSwap (ETFS). This is an exchange compared to the conventional Robinhood style platform, except it runs on the blockchain and lets users trade tokenized versions of favorite and popular ETFs.

This attention is starting to see ETFSwap (ETFS) surpass expectations, particularly as many investors see the platform breaking into the booming ETF investment niche. The native token is still cheap at $0.01831, but experts think it could explode to $10 as more Bitcoin whales pile in. 

What Is ETFSwap (ETFS) And Why Is It Better Than Robinhood?

ETFSwap (ETFS) is like Robinhood but decentralized, meaning there are no middlemen, and users have full control of their funds. Furthermore, unlike Robinhood, its decentralized nature means users can trade anonymously with full privacy and transparency. As a DEX, the platform allows investors to trade tokenized ETFs 24/7 from anywhere using a verified smart contract that has been fully audited by CyberScope, a leading cybersecurity and blockchain audit firm. 

These aren’t your average ETFs, though, as ETFSwap (ETFS) is teaming up with some of the biggest names on Wall Street to bring you funds tracking everything from the S&P 500 to gold to oil to spot and futures crypto ETFs. These tokenized ETFs give you the diversity and professional management of traditional ETFs combined with the security and transparency of the blockchain. 

Since they’re on the blockchain, these tokenized ETFs can be traded instantly on ETFSwap (ETFS) by swapping cryptocurrencies with a publicly listed ETF without any settlement periods. Like Robinhood, the interface is simple to use, even for beginners. All investors need to do is connect a Web3 wallet like MetaMask to the exchange and start trading in minutes. These tokenized ETFs are also cheaper to trade than on regular ETF platforms, thanks to lower fees. 

Furthermore, ETFSwap (ETFS) comes with an added advantage that enables investors to trade fractions of ETFs that normally would be traded with huge capital. This feature is particularly fitting for retail investors, especially considering that ETFSwap (ETFS) also allows leveraged ETF trading. This leverage will allow users to take sizeable positions with less capital in order to maximize profit potential, something conventional platforms like Robinhood do not offer.

Bitcoin Whales Are Now Buying Big In ETFS Presale

Overall, ETFSwap’s simple interface, vast ETF offerings, and potential for adoption are attracting major interest from Bitcoin whales. The ETFSwap (ETFS) presale of its ETFS utility token has already raised over $2 million from eager investors looking to get in on the ground floor of this innovative platform. 

The ETFS token is a deflationary ERC-20 token issued by ETFSwap (ETFS) and serves as its utility cryptocurrency. Its deflationary status means that the number of tokens in circulation gradually decreases, which, in turn, increases value. Aside from conventional buying and selling, holders of ETFS are eligible for various benefits within the ETFSwap (ETFS) ecosystem. These benefits include lower trading fees, early access to new ETF listings, and staking rewards of over 87% APR yield, among others.

At just $0.01831 per token, ETFS has a lot of room to rise when it launches on popular decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges. The first round of presale saw many Bitcoin whales and other investors gobbling up ETFS tokens in order to position themselves very early. As a result, over 120 million tokens were sold in the first round alone.


ETFSwap (ETFS) aims to disrupt the traditional ETF market by offering tokenized ETFs that provide exposure to both traditional and crypto-based ETFs. The potential is enormous, especially for the value of ETFS, which is set to rise over 54,000% as ETFSwap (ETFS) becomes the go-to platform for trading tokenized ETFs. Some experts have also claimed that the platform could overtake conventional investment platforms like Robinhood, triggering massive demand from Bitcoin whales.

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