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As Mantle Struggles, Rebel Satoshi Emerges as a Strong Contender in the Crypto Market

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  • Mantle is making a mark in the liquid staking market, even with a noticeable value drop on the charts.
  • Rebel Satoshi is poised to demonstrate an unrivaled and rebel-themed proposition in meme coins; an official launch and token listing await investors after its presale’s conclusion.

Mantle (MTN) is a relatively new Ethereum layer-2 network, the price of which has struggled in the past few weeks. Another newcomer in the altcoins to watch with better fortunes is Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ).

This meme coin has emerged as a potential top ten cryptocurrency in this ever-growing market. Stay tuned to learn more about Rebel Satoshi, which will soon go live. Let’s first cover the latest developments for Mantle.

Mantle Emerges As Major Liquid Staking Player Despite A 30% Price Drop

Mantle ventures into a highly competitive space of Ethereum layer-2 networks. However, the platform’s saving grace is liquid staking, an emerging sector in crypto dominated by top DeFi projects like Lido Finance.

Four months after launching in July 2023, the developers released the mETH token, an Ethereum-based liquid staking coin to rival the more popular stETH by Lido. Adoption for mETH has proven considerable, with DeFi companies like Minterest, Circuit, and Gravita integrating it.

The data from Dune demonstrates the token’s public usage. Mantle boasts the second-highest net inflows ($342,976) in the past three months. It’s also ranked second for the number of ETH liquid ‘stakers‘ within the same period at 177,312.

While being a notable player in this market, the MNT price is performing counter to this activity. It’s down 30% since hitting a yearly high of $0.85, now worth $0.59. Regardless, based on conservative forecasts, the platform’s novelty may see MNT worth at least $1 at the start of 2025.

Finally, let’s turn our attention to Rebel Satoshi!


Rebel Satoshi Brings Unrivaled Proposition to Meme Coins

While the meme coin industry has grown in leaps and bounds, it only forms a small part of the crypto market. Regardless, the space has yet to reach its zenith. Rebel Satoshi is positioned favorably to capitalize on the imminent untapped growth. Aside from adding at least $100 million in market cap, the project brings an unrivaled proposition. 

Rebel Satoshi is a defiance-themed meme coin that embodies community-building, meme culture, and decentralized finance. It’s inspired by the struggles faced by ordinary citizens in the oppressive modern monetary system. Rebel Satoshi envisions a new era of non-centralized control, where users decide their financial freedom using crypto.

Rebel Satoshi will also be an environment for fun and unwinding, which is expected with virtual gatherings, interactive quests, and other collaborative activities. The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame is another unifying aspect of Rebel Satoshi, appealing to those with a creative penchant. It should bring the most laughter while garnering popularity for members who submit their best memes related to Rebel Satoshi.

Owning the $RBLZ utility token is how investors stand a chance to join this community gallery. $RBLZ boasts favorable tokenomics by having a capped supply of 250 million. Users can gain passive income staking the token, along with owning one of 9,999 NFTs in the form of digital art characters and collectibles in the Rebel NFT Vault. 

The token is available in Rebel Satoshi‘s presale, which is currently in its last round. $RBLZ has surged a massive 120% since the first stage from $0.010 to $0.022 and will rise 13.6% higher to $0.025 after the presale concludes this month. Investors can immediately look forward to the project’s official launch, the listing of $RBLZ on exchanges, the release of the first NFT collection, and more!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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