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As Analysts turn optimistic on Ethereum ETF approval, Investors Add Milei Moneda to their Portfolio

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Ethereum had a field day as multiple analysts posted an optimistic picture on the rollout of Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

Multiple crypto asset firms have filed applications with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch ETF ETFs in the country. Experts at Standard Chartered have stated that they are quite confident about US regulators approving the proposals. 

Another altcoin that has been in the news is Milei Moneda ($MEDA), a crypto project that’s inspired by Argentine President Javier Milei’s anarcho-capitalist views. 

The token’s presale has already sold over 68 million units and the platform has bagged a spot in leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists.

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Milei Moneda: The best cryptocurrency to buy in 2024

Milei Moneda is a state-of-the-art crypto project that encapsulates the revolutionary ideas of Javier Milei and aims to drive financial innovation. All transactions on the platform are made with its native cryptocurrency, the $MEDA token. 

The token’s availability has a cap of 500 million and it is a deflationary asset. Around 60% of the supply is meant for public sale to ensure decentralization, while the rest goes towards maintaining liquidity pools, financing marketing activities, and organizing airdrops. People can easily buy the coin on presale by visiting Milei Moneda’s website. 

According to analysts, once people buy the $MEDA token they don’t have to worry about what cryptos to buy now for a long time. The coin’s ownership paves the way for a wide array of earning opportunities. For instance, token owners can access NFT collections and own rare digital assets. 

They are eligible for NFT rewards and monthly giveaways. The team provides access to exclusive events, content, and discounts to crypto users.

Milei Moneda is built on a decentralized autonomous organizations model which means that decision-making is a community-led process. 

Token holders are equipped with voting privileges to approve proposals for upgrades, suggestions for protocol changes, and implementation of new features. A proposal or suggestion that’s floated before the community is first reviewed by all stakeholders and then put to a vote where only token holders are invited. 

The process gives community members the chance to raise concerns and act as gatekeepers to keep unnecessary changes away. If they feel that a proposal can improve the protocol’s capability, they can vote in its favor.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

Tether produces new USDT tokens on Ethereum

Despite the flurry of new altcoins, Ethereum has maintained its reputation as a reliable digital asset. The platform’s native token, ETH, is hailed as one of the altcoins to watch out for this year. Given its impressive performance over the years, crypto asset companies are now keen on rolling out Ethereum ETFs. 

Many of them have even submitted applications to the US authorities for permission to launch these financial products. If crypto pundits are to be believed, there is a strong possibility that Ethereum ETFs get a green light from the SEC.

Buoyed by the hype around spot ETFs, Tether recently announced that it has minted USDT tokens worth $1 billion on the Ethereum network. 


If you ask analysts, Ethereum and Milei Moneda are their top picks for coins that are capable of leading the next bull rally. From consistent performances to robust security to utility-centric features, the two tokens have all it takes to be a blue chip asset. 

Highlighting their recent achievements and initiatives, experts suggest that the two coins are headed towards some exciting times and are likely to break a crypto record or two in the coming months.

Ethereum, which has been riding high on the prospects of the launch of a spot ETF, has been making rapid strides with the success of its Layer 2 solutions. The optimism around Ethereum was among the reasons that led Tether to mint tokens worth $1 billion on the blockchain. 

Milei Moneda might be an emerging crypto but that hasn’t stopped the token from carving a niche for itself. 

Analysts are calling the token’s presale success and the excitement around its model potential growth drivers. To support the cryptocurrency’s growth, the Milei Moneda team is working on expanding its reach through partnerships with influencers and impactful marketing campaigns.

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