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Analysts Write Off Fantom (FTM) and VeChain (VET) Chances This Bull Run and Are Tipping Ethereum Based Token Rollblock To Shine

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Following bearish market trends in Q2, analysts are looking into tokens with the potential to shine in the next bull run. Investors with the right tokens can see high growth yields once the crypto market takes a positive turn. After in-depth analysis, these experts have written off Fantom (FTM) and VeChain (VET) for the next bull run. Instead, they predict Rollblock (RBLK) will be a better token to diversify investment portfolios, with $RBLK tokens expected to see massive 800% returns.

Fantom (FTM) Records Very High Volatility With Bearish Investor Sentiment

Fantom (FTM), currently ranked one of the top DeFi tokens, has maintained a record-high volatility in Q2. The current bear market makes it a riskier asset for investors. 

Studying Fantom’s historical performance, moving averages, and oscillators, analysts predict that Fantom’s current price at $0.594 could rise by 2.16% and start trading at $0.60 by the end of July. 

However, due to high volatility, Fantom’s price could range anywhere from $0.474 to $2.01 in the next year. With Fantom’s forecasted price levels lower than its all-time high, the coin could lose traction to projects like Rollblock, which is promising significantly higher returns. 

Investors Uncertain About VeChain’s (VET) Q3 Performance 

Analysts tip that investors should expect the next bull run in late 2024. However, VeChain (VET) has seen its worst performance in Q2 over the last 7 years, with a 6.39% loss during this period. 

This decline has triggered a sense of uncertainty throughout the VeChain ecosytem. VeChain’s high volatility is also highlighted by investors’ current bearish sentiment towards the coin. Vechain’s price sits at $0.0266, a 91% drop from its $0.28 all-time high. As the price continues to fall, VeChain investors are looking towards other tokens to rebalance their portfolios.

Rollblock (RBLK) Could Become A 100X Token As The DeFi Platform Gains Global Traction

Rollblock (RBLK) is an Ethereum-based GambleFi protocol that will change how people play games online. As the cryptocurrency market goes through a downward trend, Rollblock ($RBLK) has been one of the few tokens to experience growth this season. This platform aims to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized gaming. It introduces users to a casino powered by blockchain technology, consisting of over 150 of their favorite games to play and earn rewards from. This positioning in the $540 billion global gambling market has attracted thousands of investors to Rollblock.

Rollblock also drives in new players by making it easy to sign up. Unlike other online casinos that require KYC verification, Rollblock users only need to connect their wallets or use their email to access the platform. This ease of access has led to an increase in investors buying the native $RBLK token. 

The $RBLK token is the native currency for all transactions in the Rollblock ecosystem. Rollblock rewards player activities with $RBLK tokens and allows token holders to stake their tokens for additional rewards. To increase RBLK value as the platform grows, Rollblock has also implemented a revenue share feature. Up to 30% of the casino’s weekly profits are used to buy and burn $RBLK tokens from the open market, and the rest is split as rewards to token holders.

Now in stage 3 of the presale, Rollblock has given investors new hopes for their crypto portfolio as the market remains unpredictable. The $RBLK token is currently trading at $0.015 with the price set to increase in July. Investors who purchase $RBLK tokens now are set to benefit from its massive growth in the bull run. Based on these numbers, analysts forecast Rollblock’s value could rise by over 800% before the end of the presale.

With Rollblock’s fast transactions, high payouts, and revenue-sharing model, experts tip that the platform exhibits a strong growth potential and could become a 100X  token. Token holders stacking the $RBLK tokens as the casino keeps growing could see even bigger returns in the bull run!

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