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Analysts Fear Too Much Competition With Ethereum L2’s Like OP and MATIC; Niche Sector Cryptos Like Rollblock Will Prove More Fruitful

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Polygon (MATIC) and Optimism (OP) are among the frontrunners in the Ethereum Layer 2 tech stack battle, slugging it out tooth-and-nail for L2 supremacy. That makes both OP and MATIC less attractive investments in 2024 compared to newer projects with significantly greater upside potential than both billion-dollar cap L2s.

One of the top investment prospects in the summer of 2024 is online casino and sports betting platform Rollblock ($RBLK), whose ICO has already sold over 110 million $RBLK tokens and is currently in stage 3 of its presale. The online casino and iGaming platform is combining online gambling with the cutting edge of DeFi to create an industry-leading GambleFi protocol. Learn why the smart money is taking out early positions at the Rollblock presale launch—and why YOU should get in on the action.

Optimism (OP) takes a massive dump to start July

Optimism (OP) has taken a large chunk of the Ethereum L2 scalability market, taking a huge market share from Polygon (MATIC) since its launch. However, OP prices are yet to bounce back from a brutal June. OP prices were trading at $1.78, recording a 27.6% loss in the past 30 days. Nevertheless, Optimism has already surpassed Polygon in terms of total address count, with over 144 million unique addresses on the L2 solution. Compared to Polygon, OP has also dominated the daily new address charts in the past couple of months, outpacing MATIC in network growth and adoption.

Polygon (MATIC) losing ground to newer, shinier L2s

Despite MATIC taking shots at OP in a recent TV advertisement, it is clear that Polygon has lost its once unassailable position in the L2 sector. However, fast forward to 2024, and MATIC‘s market share has taken a major hit with the rise of OP and Arbitrum in recent years. Both OP and Arbitrum have easily trounced MATIC in terms of user and network adoption, as evidenced by their total locked value. MATIC currently trades at $0.56, recording a 20% loss in the past month and a 15% loss in the past 12 months. 

Rollblock revolutionizing the online gambling sector with $RBLK presale launch

Searching for serious gains this summer? Ditch OP and MATIC. Come to where the smart money is at—and that’s the Rollblock ($RBLK) presale. Rollblock recently went live with stage 3 of its ICO, drawing over 3,500 new registrants and selling upwards of 110 million $RBLK tokens within weeks. The protocol is building a next-generation no-KYC online casino and iGaming platform with the sophisticated flourish of Web3 and DeFi technology, creating a new blueprint for GambleFi while providing a top-notch online casino and sports betting experience for online casino enthusiasts.

Rollblock isn’t only bringing the lucrative online casino and sports betting market to Ethereum—it’s also giving $RBLK holders passive income opportunities in the form of staking and revenue sharing. The revenue share will pay out a portion of Rollblock’s revenues to $RBLK holders on a weekly basis. Moreover, Rollblock will buy $RBLK tokens on the open market, which it will then burn from the circulating supply to increase scarcity and boost token prices.

It’s still early days for prospective Rollblock investors, but the time is definitely ticking. With $RBLK token prices set to increase in every succeeding stage, the best time to join the Rollblock presale is right now. As of stage 3, Rollblock prices are available at just $0.015, giving prospective investors a low entry point at a project that could easily turn in a 100x gain. With the online casino and broader online gambling industry set to grow by leaps and bounds, investing in Rollblock could be your golden ticket to crypto riches this year. 

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