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Amid the Crypto Market Downturn, Cosmos Is Battling the Bear Market As Experts Project a 20% Return for Immutable (IMX), While Pullix (PLX) Announce the Project Launch Date

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Amid the Crypto Market Downturn, Cosmos Is Battling the Bear Market As Experts Project a 20% Return for Immutable (IMX), While Pullix (PLX) Announce the Project Launch Date

As the market dynamics in the crypto industry affect the price of tokens, experts try to predict which tokens will witness a rally before the end of Q1 of 2024. Immutable (IMX) is showing significant potential to continue its price rally, which experts project could reach 20% profit. Cosmos (ATOM) is battling the bear market with experts projecting a resurgence and potential rally soon. Notably, Pullix (PLX) is showcasing its credentials as one of the top crypto tokens with sky-high growth potential. The announcement of the launch date has triggered more investor inflow. Find out more below.

Immutable (IMX) Establishes Support on $2 Mark as Token Continues Bullish Trend

Following an extended bullish run for Immutable (IMX) in the past few months, the token has finally established support above $2. For context, Immutable price has been hovering around the $1 mark for most of 2023. However, Immutable finally triggered a significant rally last December that saw the token rise to the $2 price mark.

Overall, the Immutable token recorded a significant year-to-date rise of over 143%. As a result, the Immutable market cap has reached a valuation of $3 billion, according to market stats from CoinMarketCap. The significant uptrend of the token is likely to continue with analysts projecting a 20% ROI before the end of Q1 of 2024.

Cosmos (ATOM) Fails to Extend its Bullish Trend as Bear Market Worsens

Cosmos (ATOM) held a lot of promise in the middle of January when it rose above the $10 price mark. The bullish sentiment of Cosmos proved to be short-lived, given the token has now lost over 8% within the past month. A zoom-in reveals that the token has also lost about 4% in price value in the past week according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Meanwhile, the year-to-date price metric also shows a dwindling price turn for Cosmos, having lost 36% within that time frame. While the Cosmos price is likely to drop further, the surging trading volume could be a catalyst for a resurgence in price very soon.

Pullix (PLX) Draws Closer to the End of Presale as Investors Scamper to Buy Token

More investors are trooping in to buy the Pullix presale as the platform announces the project launch date. Meanwhile, over 15,000 investors have joined the Pullix presale, with close to $5 million raised so far.

As a result of the exponential potential of the PLX token in the market, the CoinGecko crypto data aggregator has listed the token. With the presale coming to a close in less than 70 days, analysts expect the PLX token price to rise by over 100x after its launch. This would explain the scamper of investors to add the token into their portfolio and position for potential gains.

Meanwhile, the Pullix platform where PLX is the native token, is gearing up to introduce a hybrid Trade-to-Earn exchange. This exchange aims to facilitate an efficient trading platform where individuals can trade multiple top crypto tokens such as Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and more. The Pullix platform will combine the strengths of DeFi and CeFi exchanges to create a never-seen-before exchange that provides an immersive trading experience.

Also, the PLX token holders will earn a share of the revenue generated from the platform through the project profit-sharing model. One notable feature that draws investors into the PLX presale is the token burn feature. This is a feature that is implemented to increase the scarcity of the token and, by extension, its value by burning a certain percentage of the tokens.

At the current price of only $0.10, PLX represents a good crypto to buy for investors looking to make significant gains when the project is launched. The platform also gives a 10% bonus when users purchase the token.

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