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3iQ’s Solana ETP Application: Why 5thscape Is Poised For 200X Gains By December 2024?

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Toronto-based investment firm 3iQ has sought regulatory approval for the country’s first Solana exchange-traded product, branded as an ETF. In this context, the Solana Fund will allow investing in SOL without needing to be a blockchain enthusiast. 

When approved, it was planned to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, using QSOL as its stock symbol. 3iQ has also envisaged offering regulated investment structures to effectively acquire crypto assets. 

On the other hand, 5thScape is expected to scale up in the Q4 of 2024. Analysts are saying that the profit is likely to have tripled by December. As an industry newcomer, 5thScape stands a good chance at revolutionizing the market with brand-new, ingenious blockchain VR games. The launch of Solana ETP could inspire more confidence in investors regarding other similar projects.

3iQ’s Solana ETP Sets Stage For 5thScape Integration

3iQ’s strategic move to launch a Solana Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) is set to significantly benefit the crypto space by providing regulated exposure to Solana’s blockchain technology. By listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, 3iQ aims to pave the way for other altcoins, demonstrating the viability of bringing innovative blockchain projects into traditional financial markets. 

This move is crucial in shaping the future landscape of altcoins like 5thScape (5SCAPE) by establishing a precedent for transparency, liquidity, and regulatory compliance. As Solana gains prominence through this ETP, it sets a precedent for other promising blockchain platforms, including 5thScape, potentially accelerating their adoption and integration into mainstream financial systems.

Implications For 5thScape: A New Era For AR/VR Crypto Projects

Amidst the excitement surrounding 3iQ’s Solana ETP application, the AR/VR crypto project 5thScape can reap substantial benefits. 5thScape, renowned for its innovative approach to blending augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with blockchain technology, is poised to capitalize on increased investor interest and liquidity brought by the Solana ETP. 

This development not only validates 5thScape’s technological prowess but also positions it as a frontrunner in the digital transformation of immersive experiences.

5thScape: A Prime Investment Opportunity

Investors eyeing novel ideas and technological innovation have turned their attention to 5thScape for several compelling reasons. The project boasts seamless integration of AR/VR environments with the Ethereum blockchain, offering unparalleled levels of interaction, immersion, security, and transparency. 

This synergy not only enhances user experience but also opens new revenue streams through virtual assets and decentralized applications (dApps).

5SCAPE Rewards For Early Investors

Early investors in 5thScape’s native token, 5SCAPE, have been rewarded handsomely during its presale phase. Garnering over $6.6 million, 5SCAPE is ready to take the crypto universe by storm. One token will cost you less than a candy bar ($0.00376). After listing on the exchanges, early investors can expect 600x returns on their investment.

Beyond speculative value, 5SCAPE tokens confer utility within the 5thScape ecosystem, facilitating transactions and enabling community governance. Furthermore, community rewards and investment bonuses enhance engagement and loyalty, fostering a robust ecosystem around the project.

Robust Roadmap And Projected Targets

5thScape’s roadmap unfolds with strategic milestones aimed at revolutionizing the AR/VR gaming landscape. In Q1 2024, the project launched its presale for 5thScape Tokens alongside community development initiatives and the trailer debut of the Cage Conquest Game. 

Building on this momentum, Q2 2024 saw the full release of Cage Conquest, coupled with expansive community growth efforts and the teaser launch of Epic Arena.

Moving into Q3 2024, 5thScape plans to list its tokens on prominent platforms like Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko, coinciding with the trailer release of Immersive Kick-off. The year concludes in Q4 with the release of Epic Arena and strategic private funding rounds, alongside teasers for Archery Master and Thrust Hunter.

This detailed roadmap underscores 5thScape’s commitment to innovation and sustainable urban living, integrating cutting-edge technology with community-centric design to redefine the gaming experience.

Potential For Exponential Growth: Final Thoughts

With 3iQ’s Solana ETP application paving the way for increased institutional and retail investment in cryptocurrency projects, 5thScape stands uniquely positioned to capitalize on this momentum. The project’s innovative approach to AR/VR technology, coupled with strategic tokenomics and a robust roadmap, underscores its potential for substantial growth. 

Analysts and industry experts speculate that 5thScape could achieve gains up to 200 times by December 2024, making it a compelling choice for forward-thinking investors seeking exposure to transformative technologies.

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