InicioNewsBlockchain Referendum: Exiled Russian Leader Challenges Putin's Election Victory

Blockchain Referendum: Exiled Russian Leader Challenges Putin’s Election Victory

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  • Facing legal charges in Russia, Feygin remains committed to providing a secure platform for political dissent and expression.
  • The initiative has garnered international support, highlighting the need for alternative avenues of political expression in authoritarian regimes.

Mark Feygin, an exiled Russian opposition leader, has initiated a blockchain-powered referendum to challenge President Vladimir Putin’s recent electoral victory, which many have labeled as manipulated. This referendum, facilitated through the Russia2024 app built with Rarimo’s Freedom Tool, offers Russians a way to voice their dissent securely and anonymously.

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The referendum leverages the Arbitrum blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography to protect voters’ identities. In a country where public criticism of the government can lead to severe repercussions, this level of security is essential. Feygin, a former lawyer for the activist group Pussy Riot, stressed the need for secure and reliable methods of protest and polling in Russia, where the risks for dissenters are increasing.

Amidst his legal troubles, Feygin has been placed on Russia’s wanted list for allegedly violating wartime censorship laws by disseminating what the authorities term “fake news” about Russia’s actions in Ukraine. 

Having fled Russia years ago and declared a foreign agent in 2022, Feygin faces potential imprisonment of up to 15 years. Despite these challenges, he remains steadfast in his mission to provide a voice for Russians facing political repression.

The referendum aims to spotlight widespread dissatisfaction with Putin’s administration and offers a beacon of hope for those seeking democratic change. As tensions with Ukraine continue and Putin’s hold on power tightens, the success of such initiatives is increasingly vital. They not only challenge authoritarian rule but also advocate for the rights of Russian citizens to freely express their opinions without fear.

Feygin’s initiative has drawn international attention and support, particularly from human rights organizations. These groups have lauded the referendum as a bold move toward promoting democratic values in Russia.

International observers have voiced their solidarity with Feygin’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of alternative channels for political expression in nations with restricted freedoms.

“Dissent in Russia is growing more risky and public opinion harder to track,” Feygin said in a statement. He was exiled from Russia years ago, termed a foreign agent in 2022 and remains a wanted person in Russia. He is a former lawyer for the founders of the protest collective Pussy Riot. “It is critical that we provide reliable, surveillance-proof avenues for protest and polling. Russia2024 and its underlying technology has enabled that,” he added.

This referendum, while symbolic, underscores the ongoing struggle for democratic rights in Russia. It reflects the resilience of those who, despite facing legal and personal risks, continue to fight for a future where every Russian can speak freely and participate in their country’s political life without fear. 

“Even after Navalny’s death, people came out and protested so they will vote as a countermeasure to the result,” said Freedom Tool co-founder Lasha Antadze, who has previously collaborated with the Ukrainian government to digitize the privatization of state properties. “Decentralized voting and the Freedom Tool is designed such that there is no single entity to attack, block or get rid of. You can’t hack it just like you can’t hack bitcoin.”

Through this blockchain-based platform, Feygin and his supporters hope to foster a more open and democratic society in Russia, highlighting the need for continued international support and attention to their cause.

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