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XRP’s Legal Eagle Sets Record Straight: No Soaring to $10,000 Predicted

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  • John Deaton, a prominent lawyer in the XRP community, rebuffs claims he predicted XRP would match Ethereum’s market cap or hit $10,000.
  • Deaton’s commentary follows XRP’s remarkable rally, citing the ‘Rise of Legal Utility’ but dismissing any price speculations attached to his name.

Understanding XRP’s Surge and Legal Discourse

The crypto world buzzed with speculation as XRP, the digital asset with a controversial history, witnessed a substantial surge in its price. John Deaton, a figurehead in the XRP community and a legal expert, recently found himself at the center of a misinformation storm, addressing claims that he never made regarding XRP’s potential price milestones.

Unraveling the Facts Amid the Rally

In the dynamic arena of cryptocurrency, XRP‘s ascent has sparked a flurry of discussions and predictions. It was during such a buoyant phase that Deaton weighed in on what he described as the “Rise of Legal Utility,” a nod to the increased clarity surrounding XRP amid Ripple’s ongoing legal skirmishes with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This assertion was made following an enthusiastic tweet from Lukey Mo, a blockchain enthusiast, who pointed out XRP‘s unexpected price pump.

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The misinterpretation arose when an overzealous XRP supporter extrapolated Deaton’s comments, mistakenly attributing to him the prediction that XRP would double its market cap, potentially eclipsing Ethereum’s, and hitting the elusive $10,000 mark.

Clarifying the Misconception

In response to the embellished tweet, Deaton promptly took to social media to correct the narrative. He stated unequivocally that while he did refer to the ‘Rise of Legal Utility’, any further price predictions, especially those with specific figures, were not from him.

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The community has observed that the misquote coincided with a circulating rumor — an unverified statement attributed to Ripple co-founder Arthur Britto, which suggested a four-figure future for XRP. The spreading of such rumors and misquotes reflects the highly speculative nature of cryptocurrency markets and the eagerness of participants to latch onto any suggestion of bullish forecasts.

Market Movements and Legal Opinions

Regardless of the clarifications, XRP has continued to make headlines with its price performance. Amidst the legal opinions and community speculation, the asset saw a 22% increase in value within a week, prompting further analysis and market projections from cryptocurrency analysts.

On the legal front, Deaton has shared his professional opinion on the SEC vs. Ripple case, articulating a strong belief in Ripple‘s position. He argues that Ripple could emerge significantly unscathed with a settlement, a perspective aligning with the sentiments of a broad swath of the crypto community.

The legal tussle between Ripple and the SEC remains a pivotal case for the crypto industry, with implications that extend beyond XRP. As the case continues to unfold, the eyes of the world remain fixated on the potential precedents it may set and the future regulatory landscape it will shape for digital assets.

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