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XRP’s Hidden Strength: Analyst Expects 27x Price Spike to $90 After 68-Month Accumulation

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  • EGRAG, a crypto analyst, highlights a potential 27x XRP rally, targeting a price of $90.
  • The prediction is based on a 68-month accumulation phase, the longest in XRP’s history.

Deciphering XRP’s Accumulation Trend

Cryptocurrency dynamics are often a blend of mathematical analysis and historical trends. Within this spectrum, Ripple’s XRP has caught significant attention due to its prolonged accumulation phase.

Deep Dive into Accumulation Phases

EGRAG’s analytical lens zoomed into XRP‘s price behavior over different timelines. Historically, XRP has witnessed several accumulation zones, each characterized by its duration and subsequent price multiplication. To illustrate:

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  • A 3-month accumulation from September to October 2013 resulted in a 3x price increase.
  • From May to November 2014, a 7-month span led to a 2x surge.
  • A more prolonged 27-month accumulation from December 2014 to March 2017 saw a whopping 14x spike.
  • Between May and December 2017, a 7-month accumulation pushed a commendable 8x rally.

On average, these accumulation periods over the past 44 months resulted in an approximate 27x multiplier. It emphasizes the inherent potential of XRP after extended consolidation phases.

The 68-Month Accumulation Phenomenon

Now, XRP finds itself in an unprecedented 68-month accumulation phase. Such an extensive duration suggests a quiet yet powerful momentum buildup. EGRAG, leveraging deductive reasoning based on past trends and XRP‘s all-time high (ATH) of $3.3, has proposed several rally scenarios:

  1. The most ambitious sees a 27x surge from its ATH, pushing the price to an astounding $89.1.
  2. A moderate 6.75x boost would land XRP around $22.
  3. A modest 2x jump predicts a $6.6 value.
  4. Another optimistic target is a 14x leap, estimating a $46 price tag.

The community’s input enriches this discourse. Some believe a 27x increment should be based on the current XRP price of $0.5084, which would translate to a $13.7 value. Regardless of the perspective, the prevailing sentiment is bullish, underpinned by XRP’s recent 7.51% weekly increase.

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