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XRPL’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Sidechain Gets Performance Boost and MetaMask Support

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  • Major Upgrade: XRP Ledger’s EVM sidechain undergoes enhancement, aligning with MetaMask compatibility.
  • Performance Boost: XRPL EVM’s block time has been slashed from 5.4 seconds to 3.5 seconds, mirroring XRPL’s native speed.

Breaking Down the Enhancements

The blockchain world was abuzz when Peersyst Technology, an XRPL core developer, unveiled significant modifications to the XRPL Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain. In the landscape of decentralized technology, sidechains like EVM allow for scalability by running parallel to main chains, facilitating faster and more efficient operations.

One groundbreaking revelation was its seamless compatibility with MetaMask, a popular wallet that enables users to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Earlier previews of this sidechain in October 2022 had the community eager, and the latest advancements edge it towards its impending mainnet launch. But what exactly has changed?

Peersyst Technology showcased a video detailing the XRPL EVM’s trajectory. A noticeable change was the acceleration in block processing time, which was curtailed from 5.4 seconds to a more brisk 3.5 seconds, mirroring XRPL’s inherent speed.

Another highlight was the integration of the proof-of-authority (PoA) algorithm for validators. For the uninitiated, PoA relies on a set of trusted entities (validators) to achieve consensus, offering both speed and security. This move aligns the sidechain’s governance mechanism with the mainnet’s.

Additionally, the prior Tendermint consensus algorithm was superseded by Comet BFT. Recognized as the latest and most potent iteration, Comet BFT strengthens the sidechain’s reliability and efficiency.

The cherry on top? These revamped features are immediately accessible to users via the MetaMask Wallet, granted they’re linked to the appropriate network.

Further fortifying this system, the bridge between the EVM sidechain and the primary XRP Ledger network has been fortified. The Witness Bridge, designed around Rippleā€™s XLS 38D Amendment, assures seamless interoperability via exchange transactions.

Ripple’s Stance on the Upgrade

The developments garnered ample attention, particularly from Ripple’s Digital Currency Advisor, Antony Welfare. An advocate for the continued synergy between XRPL and Ethereum, Welfare lauded Peersyst Technology’s endeavors, emphasizing the significance of MetaMask Wallet’s ability to sync with XRPL’s EVM sidechains.

Emphasizing the indispensable role of interoperability in the flourishing world of blockchain, Welfare articulated,

“Interoperability is the key to the continued success and growth of blockchain technology.”

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