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XRP Shakes Off SEC Drama, Surges 6.5% in Single-Day Rally

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  • XRP showcases a robust 6.5% growth, marking its largest daily hike in three months, following the SEC’s resolution.
  • Spot market dynamics indicate sustainable inflows, as suggested by the rising cumulative volume delta (CVD).

SEC’s Ripple Reprieve Catalyzes XRP Momentum

In a defining moment for the crypto industry, XRP – ranked as the fifth predominant digital currency globally – celebrated a resounding 6.5% surge, peaking at 53 cents, following the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ceasing its securities infringement allegations against the front-runners of the fintech giant, Ripple. As per insights from CoinDesk, after attaining this zenith, XRP eventually retraced its steps, settling at 51 cents.

Upon examination of the recent court documentation, the SEC has explicitly chosen to forgo its claims against Ripple’s vanguards, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen. This landmark resolution was reached in the aftermath of the judicial stance of the Southern District of New York, emphasizing that Ripple’s engagements concerning XRP on digital transaction platforms weren’t tantamount to the investment deals that the SEC earlier inferred.

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Diving into XRP’s Tumultuous Past

Reflecting on the events from approximately three years prior, Ripple Labs, having significant associations with XRP, found itself ensnared in the SEC’s allegations. The SEC posited that Ripple Labs contravened securities regulations by accumulating a whopping $1.3 billion via XRP sales to its investor base. This prolonged legal quagmire considerably constricted XRP’s growth potential, rendering it stagnant, even as the overarching crypto market thrived.

The Nuances of the Spot-led Surge

An intriguing facet of XRP‘s Thursday ascent seems to be its propellant force: the spot market’s participants. Traditionally, upswings steered by spot market enthusiasts are perceived to possess longevity compared to those spearheaded by leveraged traders.

Coinalyze’s data offerings shed light on this narrative. The cumulative volume delta (CVD), a metric elucidating the net market inflow by juxtaposing buying and selling volumes, showcased a noticeable uptick in tandem with XRP‘s price progression on spot exchanges. In contrast, CVD values for both stablecoin and futures markets anchored in coin margins remained stagnant. T

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o distill this further, an ascendant CVD graph underscores an active buyer dominance, whereas a declining trajectory signals predominant selling activities.

Awaiting a Definitive Range Breakout

While Thursday’s performance of XRP is undeniably laudable, it hasn’t yet transcended the lingering two-month price bracket oscillating between 45 and 49 cents. Historically, such range-bound behaviors, symbolic of subdued volatility, often presage a substantial price movement in a particular direction. The underlying hypothesis propounds that during such consolidations, the market amasses potential energy, eventually releasing it once a price range is decisively surpassed.

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