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XRP Cafe’s Remarkable Achievement: $196M+ in 30D NFT Sales

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  • XRP Cafe has emerged as the leader in secondary NFT sales on the XRPL with over $196 million in transaction volume, a significant 79.75% increase from the previous month.
  • While dominating in secondary sales, XRP Cafe trails in primary sales, with OnXRP leading in the initial selling of new NFTs.

XRP Cafe: A New Leader in the XRPL NFT Arena

In the rapidly evolving world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), XRP Cafe has made a significant mark. As a prominent NFT project on XRPL, XRP Cafe has ascended to the top position in the marketplace in terms of secondary sales volume over a 30-day period.

A Landslide Victory in Secondary Sales

According to recent data from the XRPL explorer Bithomp, XRP Cafe has outperformed all other XRPL NFT projects in terms of transaction volume, particularly in secondary sales. The project recorded an impressive 52,909 minted NFTs and 11,845 unit sales in secondary transactions. This translates to an extraordinary 79.75% increase compared to the figures from October 15.

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In terms of sales volume, XRP Cafe’s success is quantified at 336,939 XRP, equivalent to a staggering dollar value of over $196 million. This achievement not only underscores the project’s market dominance but also highlights the growing interest and activity in the XRPL NFT space.

Competition in the XRPL NFT Market

OnXRP, another key player in the XRPL NFT market, followed XRP Cafe but with a significant gap. It registered 2,166 secondary sales and 19,396 minted NFTs, commanding an XRP sales volume of over $175 million. In contrast, Sologenic, another competitor, recorded a modest 98 sales, further illustrating the vast lead of XRP Cafe in this domain.

Primary Sales: A Different Landscape

While XRP Cafe leads the pack in secondary sales, the landscape is different for primary sales, where OnXRP takes the lead. Primary sales, involving the initial sale of newly created NFTs by creators, saw OnXRP achieving 9,342 sales in the last 30 days, amounting to over $61,000 in sales volume. XRP Cafe, despite its success in secondary sales, did not rank as highly in primary sales, coming in third with a primary sales volume of about $34,500.

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The Growing XRPL NFT Ecosystem

The success of these XRPL projects in the NFT market can be attributed to the implementation of XLS-20 in October 2022, a pivotal development that introduced NFT capabilities to the XRPL. This technological advancement has paved the way for diverse and innovative uses of NFTs within the XRPL ecosystem, fostering a vibrant and competitive market landscape.

In conclusion, the XRPL NFT market is witnessing dynamic growth and competition, with XRP Cafe leading in secondary sales and OnXRP dominating in primary sales. The increasing transaction volumes and market activity reflect the burgeoning interest in NFTs on the XRPL, marking a significant evolution in the blockchain and digital asset space.

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