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Weekdays Dominate High-Value XRP Remittances, XRPL Data Reveals

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  • XRPL data indicates that high-value XRP remittances predominantly occur on weekdays, while lower-value transfers are more frequent on weekends.
  • Recent XRPL developer insights and XRPScan statistics show consistent weekday remittance counts above 200,000, with significant drops during weekends.

Insights into XRP Remittance Patterns

A recent analysis of XRP Ledger (XRPL) data has unveiled an interesting trend in XRP-based remittances, highlighting consistent patterns in transaction values and frequencies across different days of the week. This revelation comes from an XRPL ecosystem developer, supported by data from the well-known blockchain explorer, XRPScan.

High-Value Transactions Favor Weekdays

The XRPL developer’s observations, backed by XRPScan data, indicate that high-value XRP remittances mainly occur on weekdays. This trend suggests that more significant financial activities involving XRP are conducted during standard business days. The data shows that from Monday to Friday over the last 30 days, XRP-based payment counts consistently stayed above 200,000, reaching as high as 281,816 on certain days.

Weekend Dip in Transaction Counts

In contrast, the number of XRP remittances tends to drop during the weekends. For instance, on Saturday, November 11, the count of XRP payments dipped to 157,092. This pattern is consistent with the general trend of lower transaction counts on weekends, suggesting a decrease in financial activities during these days.

Volume Analysis: Weekdays vs. Weekends

Analyzing the volume of XRP transacted also reveals insightful trends. On weekends, such as November 25 and 26, the payment volumes fluctuated between 274 million and 540 million XRP, indicating lower remittance values. Conversely, during weekdays, from Monday, November 27 to Friday, December 1, there was a notable surge in remittance volume, ranging from 888 million to nearly 2 billion XRP.

Observations Over Different Time Periods

Looking at broader time scales, similar patterns emerge. Over the last three and six months, the low points in XRP remittances consistently align with weekends. For example, on a year-to-date scale, the peak XRP payment count of 1,265,183 occurred on Sunday, March 19, standing out against the typical lower counts seen around weekends.


The analysis of XRPL data presents a clear pattern in XRP remittances, with high-value transactions predominantly taking place on weekdays. This trend reflects the professional and institutional engagement in XRP transactions during standard business hours. As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, understanding these patterns becomes crucial for investors and financial institutions engaging in XRP-based transactions, offering insights into the behavioral dynamics of the digital currency market.

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