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Web 3.0 Evolution: Fuse Network Partners with Polygon CDK for Privacy, Scalability, and More

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  • Innovative Collaboration: Fuse Network teams up with Polygon Labs to create a ZK (zero-knowledge) layer-two network on Ethereum, enhancing scalability and privacy for Web 3.0 payments.
  • Strategic Implementation: The migration to Polygon CDK includes steps like deploying ZK rollup, integrating layer-one and layer-two communications, and moving to ZK Validium with partners like Zeeve and Gateway.

Fuse Network’s Path to Innovation

In a landmark move, Fuse Network, a pioneer in scaling Web 3.0 payments, has joined forces with Polygon Labs, a leader in blockchain technology, to launch a cutting-edge ZK layer-two network. This collaboration utilizes the advanced capabilities of Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) and aims to redefine the landscape of blockchain payments.

Building the Future of Web 3.0 Payments

Fuse Network’s ambitious project revolves around the construction of an Ethereum-based ZK layer-two network. This platform is set to become Fuse’s new native ecosystem, offering seamless access to major blockchain networks. The FUSE token, native to Fuse Network, will serve as the primary means of covering gas fees in this new environment.

Why Polygon CDK?

Polygon CDK emerges as the ideal partner for this venture due to its scalability enhancements, customizable options, and privacy features tailored for the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Mark Smargon, CEO of Fuse Network, emphasizes the decision to adopt Polygon CDK was driven by its alignment with Fuse’s vision of low-cost transactions, instant clearing, high throughput, and a decentralized validator set.

Phased Migration to Polygon CDK

The transition to Polygon CDK involves multiple steps:

  1. Initial Deployment: The initial phase involves deploying a ZK rollup on Fuse’s layer-one network to evaluate cost and performance.
  2. Integration and Communication: This step focuses on integrating layer-one and layer-two communications, including pricing models and liquidity bridging within the Polygon ecosystem.
  3. Final Migration: The final phase includes migrating to ZK Validium with selected partners and transitioning the validator set to the new stack.

Enhancing User Experience and Security

With zkEVM technology, Fuse Network aims to increase network TPS and user experience through ZK instant transfers. The decentralized validator set will enhance network security, and improved bridging capabilities will foster strategic partnerships.

Privacy at the Forefront

Privacy remains a key consideration for businesses on Fuse Network. The migration to Polygon CDK fortifies privacy features, positioning Fuse as a leading Web 3.0 payment solution.

About Polygon CDK

Polygon CDK propels blockchain innovation, enabling developers to craft customized Ethereum layer-two solutions. It stands at the forefront of blockchain adoption, offering advanced ZK technology and privacy options.

The Future of Fuse Network and Web 3.0 Payments

This venture marks a pivotal step for Fuse Network, as it seeks to revolutionize Web 3.0 payments with enhanced scalability, customization, and privacy. The collaboration with Polygon Labs and use of Polygon CDK promises a transformative impact on the blockchain payment industry.

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