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Verdict Looms: Ripple (XRP) Vs. SEC Court Case Nears Climax

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  • The SEC filed a significant enforcement action against Ripple Labs two years and 120 days ago.
  • The verdict is expected to be announced next week, as some insiders report.

Ripple Vs. SEC Court Update: Pressure on Judge Torres Mounts

The Ripple Vs. SEC court case has been ongoing for two years and 120 days, and the verdict’s timing remains uncertain. While several legal experts believe the decision is imminent, it is unclear when the verdict will be announced. The case has created deep rifts between the SEC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Congress, and the crypto industry, placing immense pressure on Judge Analisa Torres.

XRP Community Attorney Raises the Stakes

XRP community attorney John E. Deaton has raised the stakes in the Ripple Vs. SEC court case, stating that this is the most significant no-fraud SEC enforcement action since 1946. He also noted that Judge Torres is taking her time with the ruling and carefully weighing every word, given the case’s significance.

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If the ruling goes against Ripple, Judge Torres knows she is “dealing with a conservative court,” and if the ruling goes for Ripple, she will have to justify it to all.

This decision is as big as a decision this judge has ever faced. Think about, what other decision is as big as this decision when it comes to global trade and finance in modern history. This is the most significant no-fraud SEC enforcement action since 1946.

Verdict for Ripple Expected Soon

Based on previous rulings by Judge Torres, attorneys John Deaton and James K. Filan have speculated that a verdict could come no later than the end of April. XRP community member Ashley Prosper has also predicted an interesting week, citing Judge Torres’s decision on the Daubert motions, which took 52 days to decide.

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XRP Price Remains Strong

At press time, the XRP price was at $0.4713, having lost the key support at $0.4939 the previous day. Despite the market-wide correction, the price remains strong, and market participants eagerly await the court’s decision to see how it will impact the digital asset’s value.


The Ripple Vs. SEC court case has created immense pressure on Judge Torres, given its significance for global trade and finance. While the verdict is expected soon, it is unclear when exactly it will be announced. The case has also raised the stakes for both Ripple and the SEC, and the crypto industry eagerly awaits the outcome.

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