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VeChain’s Sustainability Revolution: Winning at Harvard Hackathon

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  • PropelPixel emerges as the winner at VeChain’s hackathon held at Harvard, showcasing sustainable decentralized applications.
  • The hackathon saw participation from 200 elite developers from industry giants and esteemed universities.

A recent CNF update coupled with an announcement tweet by EasyA 🌟 @easya_app reported an electrifying showdown at VeChain’s Harvard demo day. With some of the most groundbreaking projects being showcased, this event was not just a battle, but a display of sheer genius. Competitors included founders with billion-dollar exits, esteemed Harvard PhDs, and YC-backed founders. But, amidst the fervor, it was PropelPixel that claimed the whopping $46,000 prize.

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Held at Harvard’s modern Science and Engineering Complex, valued at $1.2 billion, the VeChain hackathon was a collaborative event involving giants like VeChain, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and the Web3 educational mobile app, EasyA. An astounding 200 developers from a vast pool of over 10,000 candidates of the #60Daysofvechain campaign took part. These tech enthusiasts hailed from industry leaders such as Meta, Google, and Coinbase, and prestigious institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

Sunny Lu, VeChain’s CEO, emphasized the pivotal role developers play in sculpting the tech landscape, especially with VeChain’s dedication to sustainability. Web3, as he believes, not only has the capability to tokenize actions at a granular level but also nurtures collaboration on scales unseen before. By equipping these developers with cutting-edge tools, VeChain wishes to fast-track the adoption of blockchain and cement its position as a pivotal tool for global change.

Venturing Beyond Competition: VeChain’s Real-world Vision

This hackathon wasn’t just a competition. It was a testament to VeChain’s ambition to develop decentralized applications (DApps) with real-world utility. The aim was to create solutions for genuine enterprise use cases, emphasizing the value of blockchain technology in amplifying operational sustainability. Dedicated tracks and engaging sessions, like the “Shark Tank,” beckoned participants to uncover blockchain’s potential, especially through VeChain’s tools that streamline the creation of smart contracts.

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With PropelPixel emerging as the shining star post-hackathon, the blockchain community is abuzz with excitement about its future endeavors. Carson Wang from PropelPixel voiced his enthusiasm and appreciation on Twitter for the recognition and thanked the organizers. As PropelPixel takes its next steps, all eyes are keenly watching, awaiting its groundbreaking contributions to the blockchain world.

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