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Vechain’s Latest Breakthroughs: October 2023 Tech Update Reveals Cutting-Edge Advancements

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  • Vechain’s VORJ platform now supports the creation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).
  • VeWorld Mobile, a pivotal element of Vechain’s tech stack, is now available, boasting an array of features and integrations.

Vechain’s Tech Transformation

In the dynamic realm of blockchain, Vechain constantly enhances its value proposition. Central to this journey is Vechain’s commitment to offer a holistic toolset for enterprises and developers, leveraging both existing cryptographic solutions and their own innovations, like VORJ, their pioneering Web3-as-a-Service platform.

Exciting Updates on VORJ — Web3-as-a-Service

VORJ, since its inception, has been on an innovation spree. Key highlights include:

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  • World of V Integration: Offering a seamless NFT marketplace experience, VORJ users can now effortlessly create, mint, and list their collections, enhancing the versatility of the VechainThor blockchain.
  • DAO Deployment Capability: Currently under rigorous testing, VORJ aims to facilitate the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). This groundbreaking feature epitomizes the potential of decentralized applications and business/community endeavors. With this, organizations can exploit innovative tokenomics structures and governance modalities.
  • Claimable Extension to ERC-721: By augmenting the NFT contract with a “claimable event,” VORJ propels its user-centric approach further, enabling NFTs to be claimed without any obligatory permissions from contract owners.

VeWorld Mobile’s Grand Launch

VeWorld, the heart of Vechain‘s revamped technical suite, made its debut across major app stores recently. A plethora of features accompany its launch:

  • A streamlined User Interface (UI) coupled with real-time price graphs of VET/VTHO.
  • An integrated NFT viewer, ensuring users can effortlessly browse their collections and rewards.
  • A planned integration with a major global exchange and features like keystore, private key import functionalities, and a VeWorld dAppkit are in the pipeline.
  • Advanced features such as fee delegation, which empowers users with the flexibility to designate a different address for transaction fee sponsorship.

Building Bridges with Ledger Live

Integration with Ledger Live doesn’t just elevate the experience for existing users but paves the path for Vechain‘s reach into a broader audience via Ledger Live. With Vechain’s efforts culminating and Ledger conducting their final QA tests, this integration is imminent.

Strengthening the Developer Ecosystem

Understanding the indispensable role of robust documentation, Vechain has revamped its documentation to be more intuitive, aiding the transition of Web2 users to the blockchain. This documentation is open-sourced, promoting collaboration with community developers. Additionally, with a vision of fostering a symbiotic relationship with developers, Vechain introduced the Vechain Improvement Proposal (VIP) initiative, paired with a dedicated builder forum, Discourse.

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Vechain‘s strategic endeavors, from pioneering DAO support in VORJ to launching the versatile VeWorld Mobile, underscore its unwavering commitment to championing the Web3 revolution.

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