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Vechain’s August 2023 Tech Update and Exciting Advancement

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  • VORJ Platform Development: Vechain’s Web3-as-a-Service, VORJ, unveils its landing page and prepares for NFT integrations with World of V.
  • ETH <> VET Token Bridge: Successful testing carried out between Vechain and Ethereum’s testnets, emphasizing interoperability in the blockchain world.

VORJ: A New Age of Web3 Services

In the realm of blockchain technology, Vechain’s diligence in strengthening its position is noteworthy. As part of their commitment, they’ve been augmenting their developer pool, aiming for a diverse and experienced team. This effort predominantly revolves around making Vechain a prime platform for both individual and enterprise architects.

VORJ, epitomizing this commitment, is Vechain’s solution to a simplified Web3 service platform. Designed as a beacon for the growing ecosystem, VORJ empowers businesses and developers by providing an intuitive approach to deploying digital assets and integrating blockchain-infused APIs, even for those with limited coding know-how.

Recent advancements include:

  • VORJ’s Landing Page which centralizes resources and guides.
  • Direct Marketplace Integration: Soon, users will have the ability to mint NFTs directly to the World of V. Additional marketplace collaborations are in discussions.
  • Enhancements such as increased account limits and integration of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Contracts with OpenZeppelin. This implementation will introduce a more systematic access control system for users, fostering versatility and precision.

Ecosystem Enhancements and Cross-Chain Bridges

A significant highlight of August is the ETH <> VET Cross-Chain Token Bridge. By testing interoperability between Vechain and Ethereum’s testnets, Vechain is propelling its reach across EVM blockchains. Such moves solidify their aspiration of enhanced integration within the wider crypto community.

Also in the pipeline:

  • A $100k Developer Incentive Program to foster Vechain Improvement Protocols (VIP).
  • Ongoing HardHat Enhancements focusing on Vechain-specific modifications.
  • Thor Devkit Upgrades, a core asset for developers, sees an update, emphasizing compatibility.

Wallets and More

The coming of VeWorld promises an evolution in Vechain’s wallet landscape. Current focus areas include integrating WalletConnect, testing Ledger Bluetooth, and refining the app for store reviews. With these updates, the enhanced user experience is but a few steps away.

Parallelly, Vechain has been collaborating with the VNS team to introduce user-friendly addresses to its ecosystem, although a concrete timeline remains under wraps.

Looking Ahead

Vechain’s incessant drive is evident. By partnering with industry giants such as Boston Consulting Group and DNV, Vechain is not only fortifying its current framework but also envisions an ecologically sound and digital-forward global economy.

For those ready to be part of this digital revolution, Vechain extends a trove of resources to usher in a blockchain-enabled future.

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